27. Jun. 2007, 22:17

Write down your Top 20 Artist, then add the first song you ever heard, the song that made you fall in love with them and the song you currently like best.


1. Placebo
First: Pure Morning
Love: Song to Say Goodbye
Current fave: Days Before You Came

2. The Beatles
First: Yellow Submarine
Love: Octopus's Garden
Current fave: You Know What to Do

3. The Knife
First: Heartbeats
Love: Like a Pen
Current fave: A Lung

4. Black Sabbath
First: Into the Void
Love: Iron Man
Current fave: Warning

5. Utah Saints
First: Power to the Beats
Love: Lost Vagueness
Current fave: Three Simple Words

6. The White Stripes
First: Seven Nation Army
Love: Passive Manipulation
Current fave: Fell in Love With a Girl

7. Moby
First: Bodyrock
Love: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
Current fave: Extreme Ways

8. Thermostatic
First: So Close So Near
Love: Private Machine
Current fave: Metal Skin

9. Психея
First: W.W.W. (Wой Wаленький Wир)
Love: Бесконечный Стук Шагов
Current fave: Сид Spears

10. Pendulum
First: Blood Sugar
Love: Fasten Your Seatbelt Feat. The Freestylers
Current fave: Through the Loop

11. Venetian Snares
First: Szamár Madár
Love: Szamár Madár
Current fave: Szerencsétlen

12. Кирпичи
First: Плюю Я
Love: Школьнички
Current fave: Задумчивый Core

13. Mylo
First: Paris Four Hundred
Love: Paris Four Hundred
Current fave: Paris Four Hundred

14. Ozzy Osbourne
First: Dreamer
Love: Mr. Crowley
Current fave: Perry Mason

15. Diary of Dreams
First: Mankind
Love: Butterfly:Dance!
Current fave: Chrysalis

16. Röyksopp
First: Remind Me (Mix)
Love: What Else Is There
Current fave: What Else Is There

17. Metallica
First: Nothing Else Matters
Love: The Call of Ktulu
Current fave: Fade to Black

18. Children of Bodom
First: In Your Face
Love: Living Dead Beat
Current fave: Punch Me I Bleed

19. Bloodhound Gang
First: Fire Water Burn
Love: The Ballad of Chasey Lain
Current fave: Hell Yeah

20. Gorillaz
First: Clint Eastwood
Love: 19-2000
Current fave: Latin Simone (Que pasa contigo)


  • Indiae

    Nice game ^^ You've really nice choice in music :D

    30. Jun. 2007, 1:09
  • oxigen_thief


    10. Aug. 2009, 23:44
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