The life of a Tangerine Dream Collector......


17. Sep. 2009, 12:12

Tangerine + Dream

To collect music from your favourite band is a funny disease! You MUST get the latest album or single. When it comes to rare or hard to get albums, you try any cd store out there, before checking Ebay. My passion is the german Instrumental-Electronic band Tangerine Dream. It started back in 1982, when I heard the 20 min. long track "Mojave Plan" from the album White Eagle. From that moment there was no way back!

The band released it`s first album "Electronic Meditation" back in 1970, with the members Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze and Conrad Schnitzler. They have released about 140-145 albums to date. (including many soundtracks and compilations and re-releases etc)

I have now seen the group 11 times around in Europe, and met the band several times backstage. It do cost a lot of money being a somewhat "mad-collector"! But it is definately a funny disease. :-) cheers.

So here is my entire Tangerine Dream collection, with solo artists and ex-members as well.

Tangerine Dream
I`ve got a total of 244 Albums/Singles/Unofficials CD/CDR`s.

So it looks like this:

Original Albums (one title each): 132
Separated into these categories:

Studio Albums: 45
Live Albums: 19
Original Motion Picture Soundtracks: 27
Compilations: 33
Box-Sets: 6
Hearplays/Fairytales: 2

Original Singles (7,12,cds,cupdiscs): 31
Separated into these:
7" Vinyl: 4
12" Vinyl: 3
Cd singles/Cupdiscs: 23
Picture Disc: 1

LP: 30 plus 1 Picture Disc.

Duplicates (re-releases, other covers etc,Definitive Editions):

Tribute and Cover albums for TD: 1
Unofficial Recordings (cdr,cds,cd,7,12,lp): 34
Total: 244
Attended Concerts: 11
Fan stuff: Ticket stubs 10, T-shirts/Jackets 9, Posters/Postcards 8.
Zoom-o-Graphics 1, Calligraphy 1. Autographs: EF,TQ,BB,IC,LS,JF.
Solo Artists: Total: 64 Albums.
Separated into these artists:

Edgar Froese:
12 Original albums
1 Unofficial
1 Digital Download
1 Cd Single
Jerome Froese:
2 Original Albums
1 Unofficial
Johannes Schmoelling:
5 Original Albums
Christopher Franke:
8 Original Albums
Klaus Schulze:
16 Original Albums
1 T-Shirt
1 Concert attended
Thorsten Quaeschning:
1 Original album (ppm)
Steve Jolliffe:
2 Original Albums
Steve Schroyder (Augenstern,Star Sounds Orchestra):
4 Original Albums
Paul Haslinger:
2 Original albums
Peter Baumann:
3 Original Albums
1 Vinyl Single
1 Maxi Single
Michael Hoenig:
1 Original Album
1 Unofficial
Conrad Schnitzler:
1 Original Album
Klaus Kruger:
1 Original Album

That`s all folks!

Tangerine Dream


  • Goonz

    Wow. You are a total TD fanatic ;) I've got about 30 original albums (which is a lot in terms of having original discs, but judging by TD's output it's still less than one third).

    17. Sep. 2009, 20:58
  • tangerman

    Yes, they have a HUGE catalogue to choose from! :-)

    20. Sep. 2009, 1:19
  • 24db

    is that all? ;) well done mate. I've got not intention of listing my stuff, it would make me cry and a couple of people would think I was making it up ;)

    20. Sep. 2009, 7:56
  • tangerman

    Yes Andy :-) I`m just a "hobby-collector"! :-) he-he

    20. Sep. 2009, 9:41
  • Insvims

    Hm, compared to this I don't dare list my relatively small collection, hehe.

    20. Sep. 2009, 10:30
  • tangerman

    You can make me a "smalltown boy" by listing up your Klaus Schulze collection Thomas! Then it`s suddenly the other way around! :-)

    20. Sep. 2009, 21:49
  • Insvims

    That may be so. ;-)

    23. Sep. 2009, 10:20
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