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16. Mai. 2006, 3:08

Let's assume you are exactly like me and have both an http://www.emusic.com account and a last.fm account. Furthermore, you are blessed with a last.fm friend who has really good taste, more toward the out-jazz end of things (or shouldn't that be toward the out-jazz beginning of things?), someone like beelzbubba, for instance. You'd probably make some recommendations to your friend.

Just as part of being friendly, and because I like to fuss over charts and tables and live links to albums and artists and whatnot (enlist in the BBCode Brigade to learn more about this particular hangup), I made a nice list today of stuff I'd downloaded from emusic in the past and liked in order to recommend it to him.

It turned out that we had both independently found this gem: Comme A La Radio, which features Brigitte Fontaine and the Art Ensemble Of Chicago together. (emusic download) So I wasn't going to recommend that one.

But here are 13 other good albums on emusic. I linked them to the artist names, not to the albums, so they would be more visible on last.fm pages;.
  1. Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan: An instant classic blues album. emusic download
  2. Arthur Blythe: tenor sax, tuba and drums. A beautiful, groovy sound. emusic download
  3. Bootsy Collins: One of the better Bootsy records out there is Blasters of the Universe; stick with the noninstrumental disc, however. emusic download
  4. Bia: pan-European pop from a Canada-based singer. I have been listening fairly regularly to Bia Carmin for more than a year and I really like it. emusic download
  5. Dave Holland: Large ensemble jazz. emusic download
  6. Freddie Hubbard: This disc has “Joy Spring,” which I think is the most gorgeous head ever composed. “Red Clay” isn’t bad either. emusic download
  7. Harold Land: One of the great West Coast jazz saxophonists. emusic download
  8. Ivy: Immaculate pop with a heart and mind. Mix with Bia for instant bubble-bath music. emusic download
  9. Joyce: Brazilian singer with a great approach to jazz-tinged songs. emusic download
  10. Keith Leblanc: This guy was the drummer for The Sugar Hill Gang, the creators of “Rapper’s Delight,” one of the first hiphop records. This whole disc is just a truckload of sonic invention, dropped right outside your ear canal. emusic download
  11. Russ Freeman: The disc here is him with Shelly Manne. These are pretty full-sounding tunes for being only piano (Freeman) and drums (Manne). Worth a listen. emusic download
  12. Booniay!!: A Compilation Of West African Funk: This is a 100% gold compilation. Listen and love. emusic download
  13. The Hold Steady: Indie favorites. The guy shouts, declaims, whatever, over instant-classic classic-rock cover-band arrangements. Download “Stevie Nix”; if you don’t like it, you won’t like any of the other tunes either. emusic download


  • talking_animal

    [quote][b]Quoth beelzbubba[/b]: have heard/heard of/or have: King w/Vaughan Arthur Blythe (I have Hip-motism, Focus, Basic Blythe, and somewhere on vinyl I have Lenox Avenue Breakdown, which is in the category of essential) Dave Holland (Have Overtime & on vinyl & cd have DH Quartet--Conference of the Birds) Freddie Hubbard--don't have the best of but have Red Clay, Open Sesame, Black Angel, Hub of Hubbard. Saw Freddie way back in the day. Front Row. Should have brought a raincoat. Bootsy Collins--don't have this one and it looks great. Have a friend in Oregon who sent me some Eddie Hazel boot material on tape. We used to listen to Maggot Brain back in high school. Booniay!--yeah, I have the booniay & most of the Fela Kuti, too. Harold Land--Don't have this one, but do have Damisi and stuff where he's Bobby Hutcherson's reedman. Russ Freeman--I've never heard this one and it looks interesting especially from the Shelly Manne aspect. I had a Manne on vinyl where he was with a totally new crowd including Perry Robinson on clarinet. I have never been able to find it again & I've lost the album. So that leaves...Bia, Ivy, Joyce, Keith LeBlanc, and the Hold Steady.[/quote](I've added the BBCode links where I thought they'd be useful.)

    16. Mai. 2006, 3:15
  • ydebru

    I am totally ignorant about emusic, so any opinions on this subject will be welcomed.

    16. Mai. 2006, 7:33
  • talking_animal

    Well, it's a no-strings-attached subscription service. For $10 monthly you get to download 40 MP3 tracks from their library. Once you've downloaded them you can do whatever you want; there's no DRM. I got into it because they had nearly all the Fantasy-Contemporary-Riverside-Prestige-Pablo jazz records in their library. The jazz stuff is particularly good to download from them because you're only charged for track, so a four-song Art Blakey LP with 50 minutes of music still only counts for four songs. Browse through the links and see for yourself.

    16. Mai. 2006, 12:29
  • beelzbubba


    16. Mai. 2006, 15:55
  • ydebru

    but i'm mainly into the thelonious monk stuff on riverside, and i already own cd's and records of that stuff. what do you think of 'brilliant corners'? that's one of my faves, next to 'green chimneys', which is now in its extended version on the reissue of monk's 'underground' lp, which i know isn't on riverside, it's on columbia, but monk is so great, so there.

    16. Mai. 2006, 18:03
  • talking_animal

    Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Cornerstone of jazz and indeed all 20th century music!!! Brilliant Corners has always been one of my favorite Monk records. Green Chimneys I will have to borrow from the library.

    16. Mai. 2006, 18:27
  • emergingsynergy

    This is wonderful! I don't know how I will ever find the time to fully enjoy all the offerings here and about; and I suppose that is part of the pleasure, in some way....

    26. Nov. 2006, 16:10
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