1337 1337 guitar players albums that i sort of regret owning amazing amazing album covers lmfao very xxhardcorexx shit lol -laughs very hard for about… anything starting or ending in emo awesome in your face ballad behold the fishnet slut tonight :d bnl is hilarious as dirt british but she was another man canadian canadian national emo-spotting teams theme song catchy club rock comedy consider this band seriously cool do do do-do-do emo emo guys in tight clothes emo sex which is the same as buttrape emos are all fuckhead queerbags emotude every dog is an asian or a coward folk folk-rock funk funny funny commercial songs funny commercials gay church folk music gay guys in tight clothes groove haha bnl ish funnnny humor humour i like girls if we sleep together would you be my friend impressive indie indie rock intense piano uberness its not fucking emo for petes sakes its three seconds in and i already like this song mucho mucho :p jazz leet lesbians lmfao hilariousest track ever love love songs luff this song makes me wanna pee man beating a goat man raping a goat merry-go-round songs music to fall asleep to but not in the bad way nice not those skanky atc people-an actual band with talent not-emo officially shit orgasm-inducing-ska overplayed parody possibly my favourite song with porn in the name pretty fucking emo really good really messed up yet kinda catchy rock seen live for free sexy ska slashers songs that make me feel like a man songs that make me happy in the pants :d songs that make me laugh til i shit myself but are still good songs songs that make me want to eat cake songs that make me want to make love songs that would explain my life with the lyrics songs to download later songs to try and figure what amp theyre using cause its cool sounding sounds like someone someone singing out a ca t trying to shit out some bees or… sounds like the mario theme song static and yay sweet loretta martin thought she was a woman techno indie funk techno-indie-funk tennis ball to the nuts - lmfao the neighbours knickers the ultimate amazing bestestest song evar the very best song ever with no argument whatsoever :d toe-tapping twisted radio wicked not well known bands :d women that prove that chris martin is secretly a woman x-mas songs xd at the other tag yay yay for french names in songs