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Nicki MinajGirls Fall Like Dominoes 16. Jun. 2011
Elliot GoldenthalThe Journey 10. Jun. 2011
Elliot GoldenthalSolo tu 10. Jun. 2011
El Poder Del NorteCarabina 30/30 10. Jun. 2011
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Über mich

we don't like you, we just want to drug you!

my love forever<3

Ah I don't believe you'd like it,
You wouldn't like it here.
There ain't no entertainment
and the judgements are severe.
The Maestro says it's Mozart
but it sounds like bubble gum
when you're waiting
for the miracle, for the miracle to come.

Leonard Cohen - Waiting For The Miracle

Why can’t we see our fortunancy
Living as legends have lived.
Bane and dismannered
We coax all the time
Knowing that nothing is left when we die

Cat Power - Fool

Our hearts are small and ever thinning
There is no hope ever of winning
So why fear death?
Be scared of living.

There's hope in the air
There's hope in the water
But sadly, not me, your life serving daughter

Laura Marling - Hope In The Air

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