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John HartfordIn Tall Buildings Lieblingslied 2. Dez. 2013
Chuck BerryNo Particular Place to Go Lieblingslied 2. Dez. 2013
Dolly Parton9 to 5 2. Dez. 2013
N.W.AFuck tha Police Lieblingslied 2. Dez. 2013
The BeatlesHelp! Lieblingslied 2. Dez. 2013
The TrammpsDisco Inferno Lieblingslied 14. Jul. 2013
John LennonMind Games 14. Jul. 2013
Creedence Clearwater RevivalLookin' Out My Back Door 14. Jul. 2013
Hank Williams IIII'm a Long Gone Daddy 14. Jul. 2013
Jay-ZBig Pimpin' Lieblingslied 14. Jul. 2013
Ricky SkaggsCountry Boy 14. Jul. 2013
The BeatlesDay Tripper Lieblingslied 14. Jul. 2013
George JonesFlame in My Heart 14. Jul. 2013
Monster MagnetSpace Lord Lieblingslied 14. Jul. 2013
Buck OwensAct Naturally Lieblingslied 14. Jul. 2013
Jackson BrowneRunning On Empty 14. Jul. 2013
Johnny CashDaddy Sang Bass Lieblingslied 14. Jul. 2013
The Statler BrothersFlowers on the Wall 14. Jul. 2013
Elvis PresleyBlue Suede Shoes 14. Jul. 2013
Bill MonroeWalking in Jerusalem 14. Jul. 2013
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Generation X that is what division bell I'm supposed to fit under. I do believe no matter how hard you try, you can't stop us now. I'd like to think I'm a renegade of funk...but who's to say?

I like to play with fire and someone actually pays me to do so. I'm a patriot in the true sense of the word. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is your birth right.

If you take the time to look around...you will see I like many genres of music. I don't like big words like genre though.

I've been told I'm pretty strange...and I'm starting to believe what I hear. When I can hear over the voices that is. The lunatics are on the grass!

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