Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record


23. Jun. 2010, 22:28

I first heard of Broken Social Scene when their second album Broken Social Scenecame out. I won it in a 6music competition. And it was one of the most eclectic records I think I ever heard. I filed it away (loving some of it deeply and just not getting other parts of it) and forgot about it. Until I was in a record shop recently and saw the new CD. And I bought it on a whim. Simply put I should buy more CD's on a whim

Forgiveness Rock Record does something which very few CD's do these days. It divides opinion. Everyone seems to disagree on their favourite track. Some loving (for instance) Texico Bitches whilst others claiming it the weakest track on the album - I love it by the way. But every track seems to grow on you.

The opener, World Sick, is an upbeat tongue in cheek number that kicks off the album with a bang. And this is pretty consistently kept up in quality terms until track 4 - Forced to Love. Guitars crash, Vocal harmonies swoop in for the chorus and we hear the first real masterpiece of the album. Check Youtube out for the Letterman version.

Don't worry the swishing air like vocals are also still there, whilst never quite reaching 7/4 (Shoreline) heights tracks like All To All really do work well. Ungrateful Little Father, with its sweary chorus, really seems to lodge in brain for a long while after listening to it. Its just a quirky memorable track. And what would seem throwaway in other peoples hands seems expertly put together here. Not to say that every track is a gem. the close, Me and My Hand, is just a little too poor. Water In Hell is eerily reminiscent of Pavement. But in a good way, although its starting to grate. And horns can be overused on occasion - Art House Director sounds like The Zutons if they were any good.

This is an album which delivers something new on every listen. And makes you wish they were a bit more prolific.


  • DarthStench

    you NEED "You Forgot it in People"

    27. Jun. 2010, 23:45
  • syriat

    I bought it on the basis of the new album. Its not quite had the same impact yet

    28. Jun. 2010, 17:24
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