• (Not Just) The Million Tracks Counter

    2. Sep. 2007, 0:08

    So you think you'll reach million tracks? Well, I thought so before I counted when I will make it. You can find it out too, it's easy - Get out your calculators!
    -Maynard James Keenan

    OK, you don't have to. There are now tools which can do it for you. Idea comes from "People who believe that they can beat a MILLION plays before life beats them" group forum, and there is now one tool by OnDistantShores (at, and one by me (at
    I am going to add more features and I would also like to hear some suggestions by you. But first of all, let's take a look at what we already have.

    Under the hood
    The main idea may be weird, but can be also simply done:
    Take the number of tracks remaining to (e.g.) million and divide it by average tracks per day.
    Too big number? Divide it by 365 (take care of leap days, if you wish).
    Still big number? Listen to more music. :-P

    Whole magic. 90% of other code do some quite useless stuff then. That include some libraries like ADOdb Date Library for working with dates after year 2038. At first I didn't notice this limit since it was removed in PHP 5.1.0. But now it should work virtually by the year 3000. (Anyone complaining about Y3K compliance?)
    And there is some minimal javascript using AJS library which I found to be really simple (Read: I don't need to spend weekend with 'Quick reference guide'.) and lightweight. (Read: It has only twice more features I need.)

    That's it - glued all together with some bad-ass object-oriented hacking... ;-)

    What's next?
    The next thing will be badges. But how they should look like? 'XXX tracks in XX years' is neat, but you have surely plenty of better ideas...
    And yes, I am going to give out the source code once I reach million tracks maybe yet this year.

    Any ideas? Bugs? Money? Now it's your turn!

    And sorry for my English, if it's not too late to apologize...