• Anti-NuMetal Haterz

    18. Apr. 2007, 17:27

    First of all - I'd like to state that I do enjoy some 'Nu Metal'. However, I have moved into more of the melodic death direction. This is not bashing of any music, but a reasoning between two forces - 'true' metalheads and a group on this site known as the 'Anti-Nu-Metal Haterz'.

    (Specifically, this is a rebuttal to this post on the 'Anti-Nu-Metal Haterz' forum.)

    First of all- There are reasonse that the 'Nu Metal' Scene is looked down upon by many people. Many (such as myself.) feel that, musically, 'Nu Metal' is boring. I'm tired of them whining, tired of them playing the SAME five power chords in the same 3 keys with the same 'Verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-chorus til fade out' song structure. I was Okay with it 8 years ago, but It's gotten old. I would really like some bands to innovate. Some bands have done this and I greatly respect them for it. ('s 'Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses' for instance, is actually quite good in it's musicality.)

    However, there is more to this. Many 'true' metalheads dislike that metal and rap are moving closer together. In the beginning, metal and rap were at odds. Traditionally, Rap has been concerned with popular culture. Metal exists largely outside that culture. Rap tends to deal with simple imagery and mundane, albeit gritty and possibly socially unacceptable, tasks and ideas. Metal deals predominantly with larger than life ideas and images. Rap re-uses old music for new ideas (through sampling and remixing) and Metal places a high value on ingenuity and innovativeness of the compositional aspects of the music. They are different. (I understand that much of what I just stated is over-generalization, but bear with me for sake of argument.) Despite those differences, Nu-Metal / Rapcore / 'Rap/Rock' bands have existed and thrived.

    Step away from your personal preference for a moment:

    Aren't the more 'extreme' forms of metal more cohesive musically? (As in the way they are composed.)
    Isn't the music more complex?
    If you removed the vocalists from both bands (Lets say - Korn and Children of Bodom for example.) Which would you rather listen too?

    Could 'Nu Metal' not be considered boring?

    Couldn't though, the extreme forms of metal be considered noise if you did not understand the musicality behind it?
    Are the vocals in say, Bathory or Dimmu Borgirmuch more difficult to understand?
    Are not Bathory's vocals less inviting to understand?

    I know that 'true' metalheads give 'mallcore' kids a ton of shit. Imagine why though. They see 'Nu Metal' as a corruption of what they enjoy. This has been compounded by the fans of these bands thinking that their brand of metal is the new metal form, simply because it is the most popular and radio-friendly. Metal has existed almost completely outside of the mainstream and has done very well for itself. Assuming that all of the 'old' more extreme versions of metal are dead or are inferior because your bands are played on the radio is a bit pompous too, don't you think?

    However pompous that assumption may be, many 'nu-metal'heads are at a disadvantage to 'true' metalheads for one reason. They're younger. Youth has its advantages, but it has its problems too. For example, a recent trend has been to introduce misspellings into words and band names on purpose. (koRn, 'Anti-Nu-Metal Haterz') This makes you look stupid. I'm sorry. It does. A 'z' has no place in being there. Why couldn't korn have picked a decent band name instead of trying to make a shitty one cool? Basically, I'm trying to say that if you want people to shut up about how shitty your bands and genres are, stop whining like 14 year olds (that is, by misspelling things and being too lazy to type out full words.)

    Largely, 'true' metalheads have more of a problem with the people who like 'nu-metal' than the genre itself. Granted, I think a lot of nu-metal bands are shitty, but not all of them. However, if you act like an idiot when I tell you why they're shitty - then you're an idiot and they're shitty. End of story.