Flashback 16


26. Jul. 2009, 10:14

This chart is a few montths later from the previous journal, i felt i had to skip quite far as i had a lot of songs and in some cases EVERY song was in some way rave related. Great for me, but probably not very interesting for people that werent into the underground sound of '97.

That's why i went for this chart because it has some good ol fashioned ular music in it as well as the odd bit of ....

(I will try and do a complete run down of EVERY track that was ever number one in my charts so keep a look out for that, it will be epic and probably won't have many videos)

11th September 1997

10. Danni"All I Wanna Do"

Yes that's right the same Danni Minogue that thinks because she's released terrible music she can judge what makes a good singer.........

9. DJs Unknown "Volume 4"

Samples JX "Son Of A Gun"

8. DJ Quicksilver "Free"

7. Hard Knocks "Psychopath"
Could'nt find anything on youtube for this but i'm prety sure it's another track that used to play.

6. Notorious BIG "Mo Money, Mo Problems"

Should have saved some of the money wasted on the video for better security.

5. Chumbawamba "Tubthumping"

Still one of the better drinking songs of ever.

4. Lucas "Lucas With The Lid Off"

Great tune, even better video directed by Michel Gondry

3. Midas "Can't Stop"

Another /hardcore tune............ hands in the air....

2. Roni Size "Share The Fall"

Video isn't the version in my chart, i.e the original, but instead the Grooveriderremix.

1. The Prodigy"Narayan"

with vocals from the lead singer of Kula Shaker.

The Verve "The Drugs Don't Work"
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'Nham - The People Of Cheltenham., True Listener, 90's


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