Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band


16. Dez. 2011, 4:01

Fri 25 Nov – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band was the Friday night after Thanksgiving. Maybe I was feeling sluggish, but it was an effort to go and I hoped it would be worth it.

Once at the arena, we were greeted with "Absolutely No Cameras" and searched. I kept my Flip hidden the whole evening which probably put me in a bad mood. I did manage a few pics but was careful, as Security was confronting those they spotted. And, I was just not interested in the hassle.

I was excited about having 2nd row, and soon learned that wasn't even fun. They made the first three rows all the way across and charged big bucks to sit there. No aisles, no way out--I never got the chance to go buy merchandise. I didn't drink beer because the climb out was past too many legs--I was Stuck In The Middle

There was a first act although none was advertised. They were entertaining and covered Pink Houses.

It was nice to see Bob Seger perform Old Time Rock & Roll early in the show. It got everybody dancing and set the mood for the rest of the show. He also sang us our first Christmas carol of the season, Little Drummer Boy. He did a nice rendition of Turn the Page on the piano. He sang a lot of great songs--the vocals were too low though and even in Row 2 it was difficult to hear him clearly.

I'm still glad I went--I do love the songs.



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