• Bored, stumbled accross a lil quiz...gonna do it. Top 15 bands, and 3 songs. 1,…

    27. Sep. 2008, 17:48

    Simple Plan
    First Heard - Shut up
    Love - I'd do anything
    Current - Take my hand

    Dashboard Confessional
    First heard - This Bitter Pill
    Love - Stolen
    Current - Rooftops and Invitations

    Senses Fail
    First heard - One Eight Seven
    Love - One Eight Seven
    Current - Rum is for drinking, not for burning

    First heard - What i go to school for
    Love - Why
    Current - Why

    First heard - Accidents
    Love - No Transitory
    Current - Boiled Frogs

    Taking Back Sunday
    First heard - A decade under the influence
    Love - Spin
    Current - Makedamnsure

    Savage Garden
    First heard - Truly Madly Deeply
    Love - Truly Madly Deeply
    Current - Affirmation

    First heard - Shimmy Shimmy Quater Turn
    Love - Here (in your arms)
    Current - I saw it on your keyboard

    First heard - Daddys little defect
    Love - Memory
    Current - Pretty girl

    First heard - Girls not grey
    Love - This time imperfect
    Current - Synesthesia

    Billy Talent
    First heard - The Ex
    Love - Surrender
    Current - Red Flag

    New Found Glory
    First heard - My friends over you
    Love - I don't wanna know
    Current - Hold my hand

    Something Corporate
    First heard - Punk Rock Princess
    Love - Walking By
    Current - Hurricane

    The All American Rejects
    First heard - Swing Swing
    Love - It ends tonight
    Current - Swing Swing

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  • journal ay ?

    10. Aug. 2005, 10:58

    hmmm, so...this is a journal ay, interesting. Is this all it does?