2007 - Mix 1


11. Jan. 2008, 22:41

This is not exactly a best-of, just a set (CD-sized, the first of two) of songs I really liked this year. I figure most of the folks I know are going to have heard the new Radiohead, Spoon, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and so on, so I try to concentrate on things that get a little less attention, including some Boston-area acts that may not have national distribution. I also try to make a good beginning-to-end listening experience. I wrote about some of these artists throughout the year at I Hate the Sound of Guitars.

Modern Astronomy by B for Brontosaurus from A Thousand Times Yes Technically this was released in 2006, but this was the album I listened to most in 2007.

If Silence Means That Much To You by Emma Pollock from Watch The Fireworks
A really strong solo debut from this former member of The Delgados

Push & Pull by Get Him Eat Him from Arms Down
I think this band works really well in both spiky indie rock mode and harmony-laden indie pop mode.

Ashley Please by Dreamfast from The No Coast EP
The guilty pop pleasure of the year.

No Use by Miskatonic from Let Us Entertain Us
I saw their debut gig about two years ago, and I can't believe how far they've come in that time.

No One Else by Montag from Going Places
Reminds me of The Magnetic Fields with a little electronica/glitch-pop seasoning.

Be Unhappy by Maritime from Heresy And The Hotel Choir
With each record I hear less The Promise Ring and The Dismemberment Plan in them, but that's OK with me as long as they deliver the hooks.

You're Keeping Us Up by Palomar from All Things, Forests
I just think it's purty.

31 Candles by The Mendoza Line from 30 Year Low
I sincerely hope I never inspire anyone to write a song like this about me. Impressively vicious!

Pots And Pans by Les Savy Fav from Let's Stay Friends
I'm probably wrong, but I like to imagine that this is a loving tribute to Parts & Labor.

New Crimes by Parts & Labor from Mapmaker
Note quite as bracing as last year's Stay Afraid but still an engaging listen.

Man On The Ground by Volt from Volt
I listened to a lot of noiserock this year from the likes of Melt Banana and Bleach 03, but this French outfit is something else. Note: There's a German Volt, too. They're really different.

Planning My Escape by Sleeping States from There the Open Spaces
This song made the cut because I love the tossed-off we he sings "Well maybe you've got a point there" and the less-than-1-cm-from-the-microphone claustrophic quality of the track. It's a little hard to listen to, but in a good way (for me, anyhow).

At Death, A Proclamation by Phosphorescent from Pride
On my first brush with Phosphorescent it was immediately clear that I needed to spend more time with them. I love how this packs enough grandeur for a 6-minute track in less than 2 minutes.

He Would Die For You (Were It Up to Me) by The Capstan Shafts from Her Versus The Sad Cold Eventually
2007 -- The Year of The Capstan Shafts! I went mad for this band and bought up absolutely everything I could get my hands on. This is a very atypical track.

The Mesopotamians by They Might Be Giants from The Else
In general, I really liked that The Else isn't especially jokey or self-consciously clever. So why did I pick the jokiest track from it? Because it sounds like an outtake form XTC circa English Settlement, that's why.

Products by The Epoxies from My New World
The Epoxies have everything I ever loved about New Wave the first time around.

Ocean Night Song by Laura Veirs from Saltbreakers
A solid album. I need to hear more from her.

The Hope And The Anchor by The Mekons from Natural
In their third decade; still great. In this elite category we also find The Fall who narrowly missed the cut for the mixes.

Lit Doorbells by The Mitchells from Slow Gears
The Mitchells Northampton-area neighbors Winterpills were also shortlisted, but the Big Dipper-y vibe of this tune won out.

Never Good Enough by Theoretical Girl from The Hypocrite
I know next to nothing about Theoretical Girl, but based on this I want to hear more.

Hallelujah the Hills by Hallelujah The Hills from Collective Psychosis Begone
My favorite track is actually To All My Scientist Colleagues, I Bid You Farewell, but my wonderful girlfriend Amy urged me to go with a more up-tempo selection. This disc was a constant companion throughout the year.

Christians In Black by Rogue Wave from Asleep At Heaven's Gate
Since I went uptempo with HtH I went slow 'n' purty with Rogue Wave.

Opportunity by You Say Party! We Say Die! from Lose All Time
More dancey retro-new-wave with shouty vocals.

daddy told me by Pristine from Hands Up! Hands Up!
More double-exclamation points. I have no idea what it was that made me download this album (from eMusic) but I'm very glad I did.

Wet And Rusting by Menomena from Friend and Foe
Love this band's sense of dynamics. I went out and bought the whole back catalog after hearing Friend and Foe.

Fake Empire by The National from Boxer
I love the crazy drums in the intro of this. Fine album overall. Wish I'd caught them live.


  • perpetualidiocy

    be unhappy is a great song. i love maritime.

    13. Feb. 2008, 9:59
  • dpollard

    yay mitchells!

    21. Feb. 2008, 2:26
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