Muse album five - The Resistance


13. Sep. 2009, 20:38

Muse - The Resistance is a majestic, sweeping rock album with the same themes Muse so effortlessly combines into every song: arena rock anthem-ness, choruses that makes you leap onto your feet and shout in unison, the phrases that are all a part inside us, being a part of something huge. Combine this with themes of sci-fi, romance, and the dual feeling of being alone yet connected. The musicality is challenging, combining high romantic era classical music, with 80s and 70s arena rock. Could you say wtf wow I'm still totally in love with this band of talented musicians?

At first listen, a blush, a tingle, the anticipation quite literally gave my arms goosebumps. Even before opening the first song, I knew it would be grand. It was as if a long lost friend has tapped me on the shoulder, and I turn to see a fond face. For a die hard Muse fan, this album was just like that, except you see the progress from when you last saw them. And although I'm also a fan of classic Muse, the new direction as seen on Black Holes and Revelations shows their reach for combining their strengths into something out of their zone.

Uprising opens the album beautifully, with space 80s synth sounds, and Bellamy's vocals "They will not control us / And we will be victorious" calling back to lyrics as heard on Knights of Cydonia. Resistance begins with a haunting instrumental (of which before the piano hits reminded me of the end of Citizen Erased). I could easily see the chorus "Love is our resistance / They keep us apart and they won't stop breaking us down / And hold me, our lips must always be sealed" being huge. I just love how Muse incorporates this timeless love theme in a few of their songs. So damn catchy. Easily one of my favorite songs on this album. I also love Dom's thundering drums and Chris's always fantastic bass in this song. "It could be wrong, could be wrong..."

Undisclosed Desires stems from the love theme again except this is more raw. Matt's vocals again never fail to inspire me, the dance beat to this song makes you want to get down and dirty. "I want to reconcile the violence in your heart / I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart / Please me / Show me how it's done." United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage) recalls Queen too easily. Too easy a comparison... but aside from that, Matt's piano musicianship is showcased amazingly here, the latter half of the song sampling one of Chopin's beautiful nocturnes. Matt's classical training is shown very gorgeously. It would be difficult to find a person whose very heart and soul does not resonate with Chopin's piano works.

Guiding Light is a very 80s arena rock ballad influenced number, with a stomping bass and drums and the obligatory short guitar solo. Very anthemic. Unnatural Selection is yet another epic song, this time about truth, justice, religion, hope, etc. A powerful song about powerful themes that will have you shouting "I want the truth!" to the very end.

MK Ultra, deriving its title from the CIA Project MK ULTRA, immediately latches onto a very catchy guitar riff and fast paced lyrics. "How much deception can you take? / How many lies will you create?" I Belong to You (+Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix), which also samples a little of Saint Saen's Samson and Delilah, is a romantic song of yearning, recalling ballads such as Falling Away with You and Endlessly. You can hear his desperation with "Réponds à ma tendresse!" and then the ending lines, "I can't find the words to say, they're overdue / I traveled half the world to say / "I belong to you'"

The three part Exogenesis: Symphony tracks recalls a time of progressive rock in the late 60s and early 70s, that of Moody Blues incorporating full usage of the London Symphony Orchestra, notably the strings. Instead of using the universal theme of love - as the Moody Blues does so effortlessly, Muse uses larger out of the world themes. With Exogenesis: Symphony Pt 1: Overture you could hardly make out Matt's falsetto until "I can’t forgive you, and I can’t forget." The overture segues nicely into Exogenesis: Symphony Pt 2: Cross-Pollination, opening with a very beautiful piano solo (did I mention Matt is a very talented musician? Hot). All three parts close the album wonderfully, with the last part, Exogenesis: Symphony Pt 3: Redemption, capable of bringing tears to anyone's eyes.

"Let's start over again,
Why can't we start it over again?
Just let us start it over again.

And we'll begin,
This time we'll get it,
Get it right.

It's our last chance to forgive ourselves.


  • yara_gilmore

    "And although I'm also a fan of classic Muse, the new direction as seen on Black Holes and Revelations shows their reach for combining their strengths into something out of their zone." Yes, THANK YOU! I've been having so many discussions with other fans, who just go "I miss OoS, this sucks", but I love the new stuff.

    14. Sep. 2009, 13:53
  • franz58

    suikodee, I totally agree with your comments, people who expect every album to be like OoS are not true fans, The Resistance has traces from all of their past albums, and this fact actually makes this record their most unique. its the best fucking album of the decade.

    18. Sep. 2009, 15:43
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