Name TakenThe Safety of Routine Lieblingslied April 2013
Johnny ForeignerSalt, Peppa and Spinderella Lieblingslied Januar 2013
Johnny ForeignerEyes Wide Terrified Lieblingslied Januar 2013
M83Midnight City Lieblingslied Juli 2012
A Chinese RestaurantBroken hearts and picture frames Lieblingslied April 2012
PlushgunHow We Roll Lieblingslied April 2012
Shiny Toy GunsWhen Did This Storm Begin Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
ANothing Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Matchbook RomanceThe Greatest Fall of All Time Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Rival SchoolsUsed For Glue Lieblingslied August 2010
Take The CrownLocked And Loaded Lieblingslied September 2009
Take The CrownSomewhere Waiting Lieblingslied September 2009
AdelphiAttention Lieblingslied Juli 2009
The Track RecordTalk Radio Lieblingslied März 2009
Hidden in Plain ViewAmerican Classic Lieblingslied Februar 2009
Stars Hide FireFold Lieblingslied Februar 2009