Brother Ali LIVE!


13. Dez. 2010, 5:03

Okay so I just went the How The Grouch Stole Christmas Tour, featuring The Grouch Eligh Los Rakas DJ Fresh and of course my main man Brother Ali at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland Oregon and it was absolutely incredible. All the other artists were really pleasant surprises but I was totally there for my man Ali and he did the complete opposite of disappointing. Breathtaking. Like 50 minutes of just focused beauty and passion and art and love and power and strength. He did all kinds of awesome songs like Forest Whitaker and Uncle Sam Goddamn but his just raw passion and stage presence meant he could have played anything. He also performed one of Eyedea's songs Smile in tribute to the recently deceased member of his label Rhymesayers. Moved me beyond words. Anyone who can go see him on any tour absolutely should, especially this tour. And mind you this was my first hip hop show, so even if its not your scene or your sound give it a try.


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