• Affliction - The Damnation of Humanization

    30. Nov. 2011, 21:09

    I first heard about this record a couple of years ago when someone sent me a link to one of their songs. It was of poor quality kind of hard to hear, but I was able to enjoy it regardless. Then I was able to get a burnt copy of the CD but it was also in poor quality and I had enough of that. The hunt was on, on finding this rare CD. I went everywhere to find it and came up empty handed, until 2 years later. I found a CD of theirs in great condition and did not hesitate in purchasing it. Being more than happy, I decided it was time to give this album a listen from beginning to end in my Chevrolet pick-up truck.

    I find this band appealing because there from Los Angeles and all the members in recording this album were of Hispanic descent. In the time this album came out it was flooded with all the nirvana garbage that was playing on the radio and MTV. They knew they didn’t have a chance to get any airplay, but still proceeded to tour and gain their fans. This record is pure Crossover-Thrash with elements of Speed Metal and makes no apologies about it. This is one of these records that you have to play from beginning to end. The riffs are nice and fast, Art Marquez & Choy Sandoval gives it a mix of Dark Angel and Suicidal Tendencies put together. The bass is at a perfect tone on this record, giving the songs an extra bit of depth that I hear every time I listen to it on my Zune. The singing from Tom Urioste is the perfect mix of punk and metal. He’s not going to be confused for Ron Rinehart or Mike Muir but it’s still good.

    I also see an influence of Megadeth as the political tones the song title and song titles give in reference to the environment and world peace. They do in a way were its not too pushy or annoying, which is something that is difficult to do without looking to much of a bleeding heart liberal. They just give enough for the listener to think of what they’re trying to say and make up their own minds. The songs that stick out for me the most are Funeral Parlor, The Damnation of Humanization, The Day After, Peace Through Violence, Raping Mother Nature, Fundamental Mental Derangement, Severance Pay and Trying to Be Cool. They seem to be the ones I play over and over in my truck and on my Zune.

    It’s a shame that this record did not get more recognition than it did. But they still have some sort of a hardcore following even they had only released this record and a demo a couple years before. Thanks to this generations technology with Soulseek and YouTube a new generation of fans will come, a new set of ears for a new set of metal heads. I still have this album on constant rotation on my playlist and always try to spread their album to other people.
    The Damnation of Humanization
  • Discharge - Massacre Divine Review

    29. Nov. 2011, 9:09

    Discharge – Massacre Divine

    I had not known of this album until I bought it at a swap meet. Before I had a listen to it, I read several reviews of it from various websites and all of them came to the conclusion that it was a terrible album. There are a lot of “true” Discharge fans that will hate this as much as Grave New World or anything that wasn’t Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing, but I didn’t care what they had to say. So, I decided to make up my own and mind and give it a listen. I pulled out that CD and pushed play in my pick-up truck and went for a cruise listening to the whole album.

    While the vocals are not the best in the world and it made me kind of wish for some more production or a different style at first listen, I learned to get used to it. Cal’s vocals seemed to fit this record in a weird way. If someone else were to sing it, it would be good but it wouldn’t have given this record that extra bit of that hardcore punk edge. I don’t know if anyone else can feel that, but that’s often what sticks in my head. In a way he was sticking a middle finger to both punk and metal communities in saying if you don’t like it then you can all fuck off. People can talk about the Brain Johnson vocal style all they want; it did not take away anything from this record to me.

    The riffs themselves are not groundbreaking or going to change the world, but I find it unique enough to listen to. It seems that over time this record just grew on me and to other people that I shared it with. For a band that started as a hardcore punk band and made a generation of imitators, they are a really great heavy metal band. It’s just a shame that it was lost in the shuffle at that time and not given its proper dues. I love the way the tone of the riffs were and the sound of the bass, I think, is awesome on this album. The two tracks that jump out for me are Challenge Terror and Dying Time. I find myself playing those two songs over and over again. Even White Knuckle Ride and Sexplosion are enjoyable.

    This whole album was a kind of Terminator meets Cyber Punk feel, a concept album of sorts. All the songs all have to do with the government taking over and sending in police creating a police state and the people rising up against them. For an album made in 1991 this album still is topical in 2011 and deals with a lot of fears people still have today. I just think this album was a head of its time and that it will get its proper dues in the years to come.
    Massacre Divine
  • Life Story Meme

    6. Okt. 2011, 7:06

    1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every entry, type the song that's playing
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
    6. Don't lie and try to pretend you’re cool

    Staind - Blow Away

    Suicidal Tendencies - One Too Many Times

    DIscharge - You

    No Mercy - No Mercy

    Linkin Park Numb

    Alter Bridge - Open Your Eyes

    LIFE'S OK:
    Korn - Somebody Someone

    Queensryche - Operation:Mindcrime

    English Dogs - Five Days to Death

    Endo - Enemy

    Queensryche - Prophecy

    Beowulf - Fantasy

    Ramones - Loudmouth

    All Out War - Curtain Call For The Crucified

    Kilgore - Introverted

    Biohazard - To the Grave

    The Brood - The Calm
  • Something Fun

    18. Feb. 2011, 18:26

    Name a Band that you like that starts with:

    A- Abdullah
    B- Beowülf
    C- Cro-Mags
    D- Dr. Know
    E- Exodus
    F- Flaw
    G- Gothic Slam
    H- Helloween
    I- Iron Maiden
    J- Judas Priest
    K- King Diamond
    L- Limp Bizkit
    M- Metal Church
    N- No Mercy
    O- Overkill
    P- Pro-Pain
    Q- Queensrÿche
    R- Reagan Youth
    S- Suicidal Tendencies
    T- Therapy?
    U- Uncle Slam
    V- Varukers
    W- War Babies
    X- Xentrix
    Y- Years of Fire
    Z-ZZ Top