• best concerts of 2007 and other news for uplifting gormandizers

    6. Jan. 2008, 0:57

    i feel like writing a few thingdiidillies in this here journal...

    a. upon december 31, 2007 i reached my 15 thousandth track which just happens to be:
    Tribulations by lcd soundsystem

    b. i now offically own every single beatles album which encompasses 15 albums, a good 226 songs, and lasts 10 hours 20 minutes and 15 seconds. yay

    c. and lastly but not leastly... i present my favourite concerts of the epic year of 2007:

    10.Bob Dylan/Jimmie Vaughan
    i was excited to find that mr.zimmerman was coming to kansas city near the end of summer. while a little crusty, bob carried a wonderful show that was opened by stevie ray vaughan's older brother jimmie. shortly after the concet, my madre and i spent the night in kc and the next morning we flew from kansas city international airport to santa fe, new mexico for a spiffy vacation.

    9.Animal Collective
    it took me a little bit to adjust to them, but after a few songs i felt like i was in a trance le goodness. there were just three guys surrounded by boxes with nobs and buttons and wires and a bongo. no guitars, no drums no conventional instruments. it really opened my mind to more abstract music.

    8.of Montreal/Grand Buffet
    this was a very fun concert and i knew alot of people who were there. between their ridiculous outfits and their ridiculous stage setup, it was a very colorful experience. and the opening act grand buffet had to be the best 45 minutes of my life. two of the whitest guys doing surrealistic hip-hop over pre recorded intense electronica and beat tracks all while dancing like children who had a little too much crack cocain in their fruit-loops. it was a performance to remember.

    7.Toots & The Maytals
    roots reggae at its best. i was amazed to find that such and old and influential band was still together and would even consider playing in a city like lawrence.
    apperently frederick "toots" hibbert invented the word "reggae" in the mid 60's and was one of the first artists from jamaica to cross over into american charts.

    6.Truckstop Honeymoon/Dead Man Flats
    this was the 3rd time i had seen truckstop honeymoon live. a local lawrence band that used to be located in new oleans (until it was wiped off the map), truckstop has played shows here and there and has even found itself playing gigs at the wakarusa music fest (where i first heard them). however, this particular performance was magical in many ways. the bassist in my band, jon, told me about a little hippie festival near perry lake right outside of the shithole known as topeka. at said festival there were around 100 to 200 people and it was one of the most unorganized gatherings of human activity i have ever seen. over a three day period i saw three bands including truckstop honeymoon who was the "headliner". playing on the first day, truckstop had to play off the side of a small dirt road because no one had taken the time to set up the main stage. a bright rarely seen stary night sky set the mood as about two dozen people viewed truckstop. there were no police and terms such as "anyone want some acid?" were often shouted in the camp grounds. i also got to see a local bluegrass band, dead man flats, who played on the back of a tractor trailer. this was one of the most interesting times of my summer.

    5.Stephen Marley
    one of the many sons of the great legend, stephen has recorded a single album and has appeared and worked with many other modern day reggae artists. with only a limited amount of his own songs, half of his set were covers of his fathers music. drinking jamaican pinapple soda i was surronded by dreads and watched a man waving a giant jamaican flag on stage right.

    4.Split Lip Rayfield/Truckstop Honeymoon
    new years eve. a bunch of people drunk of their fucking asses including a good number of my friends (i only got a little buzzed) but this concert was a great way to end the year. while never getting to see the legendary split lip and their intense fast paced blugrass in its entirety (the guitarist kirk died less than a year ago of cancer) the remaining three members have continued the legacy. i had met the banjo player, eric mardis, about two weeks earlier who i personally beleive is the best guitarist in lawrence. i had seen him a while ago as part of the eric mardis group where he played heavy metal, complex jazz, and fast paced polka surf music. eric also played an acoustic set at a shindig my father put on at his art studio a few weeks before this new years performance. openeing for split lip was none other than truckstop honeymoon who had added a drummer
    for this particular set. i was amazed at how this added a new level to truckstops sound and this was the 5th time i had seen them live.

    3.Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Ssion
    something about this concert stood out and i dont quite know what. maybe it was just karen o. pouring water all over herself after making love to the mic stand, or maybe it was the energy with which the three band members worked their solid sound. all in all it was an amazing experiene and i would definatly go again. the yeahs were opened by a kansas city band called ssion who played a type of new wave disco electro punk. with misfits style haricuts, heavy makeup, drooping mooostaches, and skin tight spandex jumpsuits lead singer cody critcheloe at one point ripped off his shirt and said something along the lines of "you thought i would have tits didnt't you??"

    2.G. Love & Special Sauce/Slightly Stoopid/Ozomatli
    taking place at an outdoor music venue in the heart of the kansas city art district just south of downtown and an hours drive from lawrence, this 4 and a half hour musical get together was an almost perfect experience. with looming skyscrapers to the north and old multistory buildings all around i had plenty of time to contemplate a large neon sing on a nearby building that read "tension envelopes". the first to play was ozomatlie who i had briefly seen at the wakarusa fest back in june. a unique blend of hip-hop and latin music, ozomatli is straight outta l.a.... at the end of their set all dozen or so band members took percussion and brass instruments into the middle of the crowd and did their usual post show chanting befor making a chain and winding their way through the audience. next up was slightly stooped who put on a good show as well and are remenecent of the band sublime. starting out as a reggae punk band, they now have expanded their sound by adding blues, hip-hop, and acoustic music. g. love finished things off with his unique blend of whiteboy hip-hop and laid back bluesy tracks. with a large plethora of catchy shit g. and the sauce carried off a great performance and carried me into the night. at the end, the members from all three bands came out on stage and played the encore together. i still don't know how they pulled that off.

    1.Devendra Banhart
    words cannot explain the goodness brought fourth by this man. starting out with beautiful simple acoustic songs the concert gradually became more complex and layered. the lighting was perfect as was the setting in general. as the concert prgressed, so did the level of devendra's drunkenness (he soon began to create "improvised peotry" between songs). between the wonderful compositions and the captivating performance i would say this was the greatest musical act i viewed in the eventful year of 2007.
  • yeaaah

    8. Okt. 2007, 23:46

    10,000 tracks... my greatest accomplishment since 1832.

    10,000th track: Shooting Star by Elliott Smith
  • im not so as confused

    2. Apr. 2007, 4:22

    im not so as confused as the title implies.
  • im so confused.

    1. Mär. 2007, 4:44

    confused im so.