My Life Soundtrack


22. Jun. 2007, 0:46

Opening credits: All I Wanna Do

Waking up: Wake Up Boo

Average day: And I Dream

First date: Annie, Let's Not Wait

Falling in love: Amazed

Sex scene: Everything Comes at the Right Time

Fight scene: I Don't Wanna Fight

Breaking up: Goodbye My Lover

Getting back together: I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Secret love: Ever Fallen In Love

Life's okay: Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

Mental breakdown: Broken Down

Driving: I Drove All Night

Learning a lesson: I Told You So

Deep thought: Hallelujah

Flashback: Sunchyme

Partying: Dr Jones

Happy dance: Be Gentle With Me

Regretting: Amadeus

Long night alone: The Drugs Don't Work

Death scene: Alas

Closing credits: Dignity


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