Anchors Away05 Shit Talkin' Lieblingslied 38
Angel OlsenLights Out Lieblingslied 29
Atlas SoundAngel Is Broken Lieblingslied 41
Bitter EndNothing Remains Lieblingslied 53
Black LipsFunny Lieblingslied 8
Cephalic CarnageThe Omega Point Lieblingslied 39
CeremonyIt Rained Today Inside My Head Lieblingslied 65
CeremonyFeel Like a Man (Negative FX) Lieblingslied 59
Chelsea WolfeFlatlands Lieblingslied 16
Chelsea WolfeThe Warden Lieblingslied 17
DeerhoofHoly Night Fever Lieblingslied 1
DiscoveryLorabelle Lee Lieblingslied 3
Folk KillerVery First Eagle Lieblingslied 14
Forest MagicDesigned Lieblingslied 25
Forest MagicWONDER IF Lieblingslied 24
Gram ParsonsA Song for You Lieblingslied 17
HellbenderBlack Annie Lieblingslied 27
HellbenderThe Ballad of Gray Livers Lieblingslied 55
Isis & AereogrammeLow Tide Lieblingslied 82
Mark Kozelek13 Lieblingslied 20
Mark KozelekI Lieblingslied 29
Minor ThreatFiller Lieblingslied 32
Mother of MercyCold Sun Lieblingslied 20
My Bloody ValentineOnly Shallow Lieblingslied 20
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandJambalaya (On The Bayou) Lieblingslied 15
Red SparowesAlone and Unaware, the Landscape Was Transformed in Front of Our Eyes Lieblingslied 51
SadvilleThe Forbidden Dance of Decay Lieblingslied 5
Sadvilleyour zao sticker won't get you into heaven anymore Lieblingslied 12
Six Organs of AdmittanceThicker Than A Smokey Lieblingslied 48
Six Organs of AdmittanceBlack Wall Lieblingslied 35
Tame ImpalaIsland Walking Lieblingslied 24
Tame ImpalaExpectation Lieblingslied 40
Tame ImpalaRunway, Houses, City, Clouds Lieblingslied 12
The Flying Burrito BrothersHot Burrito #2 Lieblingslied 25
TorcheCharge of the Brown Recluse Lieblingslied 29
TorcheWarship Lieblingslied 31
Trash TalkF.Y.R.A Lieblingslied 24
United NationsThe Shape Of Punk That Never Came Lieblingslied 16