Life as songs


24. Apr. 2008, 18:04

found this on sumsi0706s blog

Opening Credits: Hands Open - Snow Patrol

Waking Up: Morning Yearning - Ben Harper

First Day Of School: Miss Misery - Elliott Smith

Falling In Love: To Be Alone With You - Sufjan Stevens

First Kiss: I'm Kissing You - Des'ree

Fight Song: I'll Kill Her - Soko

Losing Virginity: Teen Angst - M83

Breaking Up: Lately - The Helio Sequence

Prom: Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams

Life's OK: The Circle - Wallis Bird

Life's Not OK: Lost Cause - Priscilla Ahn

Mental Breakdown: I Need Something - Newton Faulkner

Driving: Drive - Bic Runga

Flashback: Sweet Patty - Christene LeDoux

Getting Back Together: Put Us Back Together Right - Headlights

Wedding: More Than Words - Extreme

Final Battle: How Can You Live Without Yourself - Kristofer Åström

Death Scene: Living Is a problem cause everything dies - Biffy Clyro

Funeral Song: In Your Dreams - Hanson

End Credits: Between the Bars - Elliott Smith


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