Warpaint/Rewards/Family Band @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 12.02.10


14. Sep. 2011, 20:11

Thu 2 Dec – Warpaint, Family Band, Rewards

Day two of December-appropriate swooning over dreaminess that makes us feel all kinds of warm inside commenced with Warpaint at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

After eating a blissful dinner and getting peanut butter bombed at our favorite veg joint on Bedford, Wild Ginger we walked with bellies full (maybe a little too full) to the venue.

Got in early enough to see Family Band open up the show. They had a sedating, Mazzy Star quality to them: slow and oft times twangy guitars, melancholic almost monotone vocals but no umph. There seemed to be lack of sexy from the rhythm section (guess we been spoiled by Jenny Lee and Stella's magic combo, haha). Overall, they're a good band just weren't the flavor we savored at the moment. Snail fell victim to nail-biting anxiety because their songs felt sooo drawn out and sad. All we wanted were our hearts tickled!

Brooklyn band Rewards came out and got that engine running with a more upbeat, new wavey indie pop sound with an adorable singer who cooed into his mic, danced about the stage a bit and loved everybody. People were dicks to them and they were good sports. Fuck da hataz. Their set was really short compared to Family Band but maybe it felt that way because we enjoyed them more.

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