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Eminem3 a.m. vor 5 Stunden
EminemSing for the Moment vor 5 Stunden
EminemWithout Me vor 5 Stunden
EminemCriminal vor 5 Stunden
EminemThe Way I Am vor 6 Stunden
EminemThe Real Slim Shady vor 6 Stunden
EminemKill You vor 6 Stunden
EminemKen Kaniff (Skit) 15. Jul., 15:21
EminemMarshall Mathers 15. Jul., 15:15
EminemI'm Back 15. Jul., 15:10
EminemRemember Me 15. Jul., 15:07
EminemThe Real Slim Shady 15. Jul., 15:02
EminemThe Way I Am 15. Jul., 14:57
EminemSteve Berman 15. Jul., 14:56
EminemWho Knew 15. Jul., 14:52
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Über mich

Facts of life:

  • Orks Die, Innards Decay
  • Spreading gore is time well spent.
  • There's nothing metal about getting a hair-cut, even if a part of your body gets cut off.
  • If there was nothing wrong with this world, nobody would make good music
  • Living your life as if it was a death metal song will either get you killed, thrown in jail or make you the happiest person in the world.
  • A good zombie repellant could save your life one day!
  • No genre, no artist, no album... This is OBVIOUSLY Brain Drill!
  • If you went to a concert and your neck doesn't hurt, you did something wrong.
  • Yes, even eating salad after a concert is supposed to hurt.
  • 9 out of 10 dentists say that listening to death metal at high volume will whiten your teeth permanently.
  • Dentists are weird people.
  • Modesty is for people who are too stupid to be arrogant.
  • Try scorn! It's like regular corn but with a lot more hate!
  • Having long hair increases your chances of being the guy that slays the dragon and saves the princess by 96.2%.
  • No matter how many people love Batman, Marvel Comics will always be superior.
  • People that look at you disdainfully for doing death growls while driving are just jealous.
  • He who gets into the boat and into the tunnel might even get to the choppa!
  • Quhzk, it's what the duck says.
  • When I'm back, we'll know something.
  • It's better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself.

Former axeman of the now dead Towards Nothing. R.I.P.

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