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  • bugsonglass

    I very much agree with you. A lot of "ambient" recordings can sound either a bit bland or kind of sickly sweet. Have you tried Atheus' Drones and Soundscapes? Or perhaps something somewhat "darker" like the work of Thomas Koener?

    Februar 2012
  • bugsonglass

    Have you tried Rod Modell's other old projects? Like Global Systems Silently Moving, and Electromagnetic Etheric Systems Approach? They are both in a similar vain to Waveform Transmission. Slow moving with lots of field recordings etc

    Februar 2012
  • nysynecdoche

    Thanks for Stephan Matheiu recommendation in the Caretaker shout, I've been meaning to check that guy!

    August 2011

    Welcome aboard, squeakstar! Happy listening.

    April 2009