• I can breath

    8. Nov. 2012, 19:03

    I felt good on the 7th. Christians scare me.
  • Back from LV

    11. Sep. 2012, 20:03

    Just returned from LV on Sunday night. It's good to be home.

    I had some stuff hanging in the Cosmo and had to deal with the business end of my life, fucking boring dealing with boring suit types trying to impress me with their art knowledge and money. I'll take their cash and smile though and I will say that the Cosmo is the most art friendly place on the strip. We saw a Warhol show at one of the casinos too. I was able to get through the meet and greet events with the help of a couple of Xanax and some narcotics though, the effectiveness of modern medicine makes me smile. We had to have dinner at the Palms which is good place if you want a giant rib eye.

    I was down there for five days and managed to stay air conditioned all but one night. The thing that always gets to me is the shear number of twenty something couples from LA that come to town to live the LV fantasy for the weekend. It's like 6 PM on Friday and all of a sudden it's miniskirts and six inch stilettos. By 11 it's drunk skanks and fist fights. We just stayed in our room and smoked hash. We did see a couple of good bands though.

    One was just a four piece with a female singer on the street in front of Paris and the other was down at a fake Irish joint in fake NY. The band was good though, we had a good time. The idea of cheap drinks and food are long gone though, a Manhattan averaged $10 a drink and nobody had straight rye so you have to get them made with Canadian.

    Well, we all got back safe with more money then we came with and nobody got arrested so I guess that's a successful business trip.
  • Back with a post and looking forward to Bumbershoot.

    30. Aug. 2012, 20:16

    Well you can tell from the lack of updates that the use of marijuana has caused me to basically not give a shit about anything. This is something I need to get a handle on. The pluses are that I can stay at my old level of narcotics usage and can sleep through the night.

    The negatives are that I can sleep till 2pm and watch TV till midnight snacking on "Good and Plenty's". I do like getting high and walking on the beach or in the woods with the dog though. The pot makes me uncomfortable around folks I don't know and that's freaky for me. Then there is the BHO "Butane Hash Oil", which is like fuck me, I just lost my mind shit. I hide in my bedroom and listen to music to frightened of nothing to leave.

    My favorite is plain simple blond hash, I don't get too high, no irrational fears, and it is effective in limiting my pain. I think I'll just stick to that. I get it from a farmers market in Tacoma and they guy gives me a big ass chunk for a hundred bones. That will last me months as all I do is a couple of hits at night. Since the newness of it all wore off I think I'm out of my need to try it all.

    Well I smashed my Kawasaki last week on my way to a friends house in Seattle. There was an automobile wreck on the corner of Michigan and the 99 and it had backed traffic up for a mile. I came ripping around a corner and there were cars stopped in front of me. So I hit the brakes and my bike crossed a small patch of oil at the same time and the front end went out from under me. I had my $800 custom leather jacket in my bags so that didn't get scratched. I was wearing just Levis and a shirt and slid down the road on my back.

    I realized that I like wrecking, not the pain part or the repair bills but the surreal part of sliding and watching my bike skitter away. Well, it wiped out the plastic, ripped off a bag, and tore off the pegs on the one side so it will cost a little more than a grand so that's not that bad. I landed on my right side and my metal leg is on my left so that was a plus also, just a little road rash.

    So now I'm riding my chopper around, it's a fun ride but a bitch for me to start at my weight. It's an 80" engine with 10:1 pistons but I got the thing set up so that if fuel is in the cylinder she will start on the first kick. I run dual plug heads and a A/B grind cam also. The dual pluging of the heads made a huge difference. I also went through and balanced it the last time I tore it down. That was last year, I had been riding jap bikes so much that I would imagine my engine was falling apart when I rode the HD. When we opened it up everything was fine. I had done the top end a couple of years before so everything was good. I did have KB pistons in the thing and I took those out for a set of regular pistons as well as going to solids instead of hydraulics. The bike likes the change.

    Well I can hear a Douglas Squirrel screaming out the window so I think I'll go pick some black berries and hang with nature.

    Latter Gator.
  • Monday the 2nd feels like shit!

    2. Jul. 2012, 21:08

    Got my sleep last night but I needed to get up at 5:30 AM today and it has completely fucked me. It's 1:30 PM and I am fucking fucked in the head. I needed to get some creativity down to paper and the getting up so fucking early Monday thing has fucked me. I thought I'd get up and drink some tea and eat a cinnamon roll, walk the dog around the beach and then be ready to go.

    I did those things but then got in an argument with another human that doesn't handle mornings that well either. I should have just hung out in bed till 11 then drank some coffee and walked the dog in the woods, then ate lunch and here I would be. Now I'm in the same place tired and my head is all clogged and fogged. When I get this way I just want to get loaded and watch TV. By the way we watched a good one this weekend, "Nude Nuns With Big Guns". If you like grind house you will like this.

    I worked on my chopper this weekend, It's taken longer than expected as my motivation has been low. All I needed to do was to block off the oil feeds in my lifter blocks, went to solids, and I ended up having to drop the cam to get the push rods out. Pesky Crane Cams, they redesigned the lifters and the push rods I had used when I rebuilt the thing. Those Cranes that I put in requires you to either pull the heads or drop the camshaft. Well, S&S bought Crane and I used a set of their adjustable "Time Saver" push rods. Worked fine, just wish Crane would have put these in the kit. The other fucked up part is the engine on this bike is a early 84 and uses quad seals instead of o-rings or cork and nobody has these in stock any more. I can get a dog food bowl and a bra that says I love Harley Davidson at the Harley dealership but I can't get parts for my bike, WTF!!!! They think I'm fucked up because I'm a junky, at least my heads in the right spot and not up my ass like theirs.

    So today and the past several weeks has been sport bike time. Sometimes I like it better than the HD as I don't have to talk to creepy Harley people, especially the bitches and snitches. It's 80 degrees and they are in leather chaps with fringe, extras from a shitty biker movie. I hope they fall and figure out why chaps are for cowboys and big American Bears. Sometimes I picture putting those types and the folks that ride the fake Harleys in the Sea Hawks stadium, blocking the exits and then filling it with water. As they surfaced I would be there with my AK shooting their sorry asses.

    Around 5PM my creativity will start flowing but that is the time I'm supposed to go riding with some friends. I'm hoping knocking out a few words here will get the fluids moving. I haven't done any crank in several years, that's always an option too.

    Oh well, I feel better now maybe I can accomplish some shit, first a call to SoCal.

    Later Gator
  • one of things I dig most.

    25. Jun. 2012, 22:08

    I love parking in a friends white with red interior 1964 Impala SS out in the woods on a dirt road near the river with Orange Goblin's album "Time Traveling Blues" playing on the stereo just loud enough so that you can still hear the rain bouncing off the roof. I like to just sit there in that environment smoking some grass with the windows rolled up on a Autumn afternoon.

    It's very green here and sometimes the colors vibrate in a very cool way. After we get high and we split and drive a hundred and six miles an hour on our way home. There is this little hump in the road leaving this place and when we hit it just right the entire car leaves the ground for a fraction of a second. You land and everyone in the car yells “fuck yeah!” at the same time. That girl can drive, we never feel frightened, just safe with the knowledge that we are beyond it all and everything will work out with Sandy behind the wheel. She truly missed her calling as a getaway driver for a gang that heist armored cars.

    I like it when we walk through the front door and the house smells from Nag Champa and Patchouli with Alvin Lee on the stereo and my friends and dog are there and happy to see me. I like it when we have grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch also. It makes me glad to be alive and young.
  • Pot Kills!

    21. Jun. 2012, 23:44

    OK, so I received my license to get stoned from the State of Washington and one of the things that worried me is that I would become a comatose stoner, guess what?

    I'm not sure if my trepidation actually resulted in my concern manifesting itself, but it did.. It may have something to do with the quality of medical weed too, although I actually smoke very little weed as I am a hash woman. The quality of hash is great too as well as this stuff I found called BHO which is over 90% pure THC extracted trough the use of butane as a solvent. It requires the use of specialized equipment and a blow torch to smoke it but it will kick your ass and turn you into a lump of dog shit incapable of much more than watching TV and polishing a guitar.

    As stated in earlier entry I had dated a man who smoked weed and always thought he was pretty much a waste and while I truly love narcotics, specifically hydrocodone with a Tramadol hydrochloride back, I take these for a legit medical reason. I've found that a combination of these drugs taken regularly through the day not only eases the pain but also eliminates the desire to drink alcohol.

    It was my use of narcotics that actually lead to my regular use of cannabis. I had become concerned that my increasing tolerance to the narcotics would lead to ever increasing dosages and as I like my liver I wanted to try something different. I'm happy to report that cannabis did satisfy that need. I do limit my exposure till bedtime as if I get high during the day it is straight to the couch with a red cake or a couple packages of Hostess Zingers and a diet Dr. Pepper along with the remote control for the TV. Although I can admit to being lazy the addition of cannabis made it stupid.

    My first exposure to medical cannabis was in the form of a cookie. I had bought one on a trip to the city. The package had said to quarter it up and wait 30 minutes before taking any more until I was comfortable with the dosage. As I ride a ferry between the city and my seaside home I decided to try it out while waiting for the boat. Of course I ignored the instructions and ate the entire cookie thinking I was tougher than a cookie and then rode my motorcycle aboard.

    Durring the trip I started feeling strange but for some reason I had forgot that I had just dosed myself. By the time I got to the other side I was fucking wasted. I had to convince myself that I could still ride this monster as my house was merely 30 seconds from the dock. That was the longest thirty seconds I've had in a long time. When I got home I just locked myself in the library, turned on a stereo and curled up in a fetal position then went to sleep.

    As it has been some time my resistance has now built up and I have learned not to get stoned all the time simply because I can. Those initial weeks though were interesting as I didn't do much, didn't do the dishes, laundry, yard work art, music or anything that I had liked to do. I left a motorcycle in my garage which I had began to replace the push rods on and stopped half way through to look at dirt.

    Well, good to be back and hope all is well in cyber land, See you soon!
  • HUH!

    21. Mai. 2012, 4:17

  • Got my Medical Marijuana recomendation

    10. Apr. 2012, 23:51

    I've decided to to become a hash head for a year or two. We took the dog to the forest and smoked hash and I liked it.
  • I'm a skank, whore, slut!

    10. Apr. 2012, 23:47

    I received a nice message from one of my Lastfm admirers last week letting me know I'm a skank, whore , slut, with a smelly pussy.

    While I am many things I don't believe that I'm a skank, I have skanked and I have used the skank technique while playing guitar. I think what "he" meant was the following definition;
    Derogatory term for a (usually younger) female, implying trashiness or tackiness, lower-class status, poor hygiene, flakiness, and a scrawny, pockmarked sort of ugliness. May also imply promiscuity, but not necessarily. Can apply to any race, but most commonly used to describe white trash.

    I am somewhat tacky but I can assure you I bathe and lack pock marks, white trash-well maybe but I always thought I escaped that place when I left home. It would have been just as easy to call me white trash but he didn't so I have to assume that's not what he meant to say. Scrawny, well no, I'm not scrawny, I'm not ugly either, at least nobody has called me ugly. Flakey, well I have to say I am a little flakey as I hate the telephone. Promiscuous, no I'm actually monogamous with my partners.

    Now let's look at whore, when I think of a whore I'm thinking of a hooker and that I haven't done nor is it in my plans. I did have a friend who was a teen age prostitute in Seattle. Of all name hers was actually Roxanne. She was a nice girl but very manipulative. I have known some strippers also but with my scared up leg I probably wouldn't make that much. I do like to dance though.

    As far as slut, don't think so, I've never been accused of that. I like my self too much to be just giving it up. My parents were hippies and I spent time on a commune growing up and heard about the orgies and it always turned me off. Like I said above I like one lover at a time and sex is just part of the package kind of like hash and a pistol.

    Smelly Pussy??? WTF Haven't got that complaint before.

    I kind of wish he had just called me a cunt. I've been working at reclaiming that word. When guys use it it seams vulgar and sharp but when we talk about our cunts it's a good thing. I think woman simply need to take ownership of the word. I know guys that will do anything for a little cunt, buy you a car, take you places, buy you dinner and just to touch our cunt. The cunt seems to be something that men have a love hate relationship with while we only have a love love relationship with it.

    I just thought it was amusing. The reality is that it was most likely a little boy or a middle aged balding fat man that sent me that message. The idea that he could get me to like him by verbally abusing me is par for the course for some guys. These are usually the guys that haven't been laid in a decade though.
  • Bad Dog!!

    2. Mär. 2012, 21:46

    WTF, the dog gets vindictive if I leave him home alone. In the past couple of weeks he has ate some light bulbs, glass art that a friend made, a couple of paintings off the walls that friends made, $15k of Native American art that some friends gave us, and yesterday he ate a picture of our last dog and jumped on the counter and pulled a bottle of 12 year old Jameson out of the liqueur cabinet and had it on the floor when I got home. It has a cork top and he couldn't get it open. He likes booze and has good taste. He's lucky we love him.

    Well my friends come back from the big Island tonight. They won't get here till tomorrow morning though as they have a 8 hour layover in San Jose. Tickets from Hawaii nearly tripled in price last month, fucked up situation.

    Well, I'm getting my medical marijuana card on Sunday. I have to go to Renton in the morning which is a drag. I hope the weather is good and I'll take a motorcycle. It just so happens that there is going to be a weed farmers market on Sunday in Tacoma. If it's nice I'll just ride around and stop. I really want some good hash and hash oil as well as some sativa. It seems like all that we have been able to get is indica that fucks you up so bad you can't do anything.

    I'm not a big pot head but I'm using about 100 morphine units a day now as well as about 500 mgs of tramadol and I want to back down. When I spoke to the "Doctor" on the phone they need medical records and stuff. Kind of freaks me out because I don't want to be cut off the narcotics. Washington State just enacted the strongest narcotics regulations in the United States and it has all the chronic pain patients freaked out. I think I'll just give him my gynecologist information rather than the Pain Clinic info. I have ex-rays that show all the damage that was done and the neurologist report too. If that doesn't work I'll just go down to my panties as my left leg is scared up an gnarly enough to prove my shit.

    Well, hopefully the next time I check in and set down to wright it will be more than a pot headed "huh". I dated a pot head once and I wanted to get nasty in an elevator and he was so fucked up on pot he looked at me and said "huh", I punched him in the face. Ever since then I've noticed that all pot heads say "huh".