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11. Apr. 2010, 19:39

i haven't done anything/looked at my in forever! and i feel that i must make up for this by doing a late night, really quick music meme. ripped this off... uh, someone i can't remember. my apologies.

Simple concept: Top 15 artists....
the first song you heard by the artist, song that made you fall in love with them and your current favorite song.

1. Owl City
first song: The Saltwater Room
fell in love with: The Saltwater Room. what can I say, was in an electronic schmoopy mood.
current fave: either Hello Seattle or Vanilla Twilight. cliche, i know. so many people say that this guy is overrated, and i'll acknowledge that there's some truth to it... but in the end, owl city's music is all about what it makes me feel. and man, do i feel.

2. A Fine Frenzy
first song: Near to You, because of some Chuck/Blair fanvid on youtube.
fell in love with: Almost Lover, as everyone else who hears this song does. HEART WRENCHING MUCH.
current fave: Last of Days. the stuff from her second album is awesome too though, but i'm retiring from it and going back to her old stuff.

3. Jack's Mannequin
first song: The Mixed Tape
fell in love with: The Resolution. i was always a big fan, but when i heard this song i could NOT listen to anything else for at least a solid week. it's the message and the melody and the way they both intertwine into this great... thing. yeah, eloquent lol.
current fave: i don't know considering i haven't listened to him for a while, so probably still The Resolution. oh wait, i'm listening to American Love right now! and liking it, so this one? big hearts, big hearts are for breaking.

4. Kelly Clarkson
first song: A Moment Like This, haha. still the best cheese idol ever produced. suck it Magic Rainbows and No Boundaries. =p
fell in love with: Haunted, cause i couldn't stop playing it when i first downloaded the album. that's what made me a My December stan, when i was hardcore about kelly! now I'm still a stan, but i acknowledge that even my favorite kelly album had its flaws.
current fave: Ready. mm, that line "too much of your mouth is like too much sun" has been stuck in my head for the past year.

5. The Hush Sound
first song: We Intertwined, because i randomly downloaded their Like Vines album from some music blog and that was the first song that came on.
fell in love with: Sweet Tangerine
current fave: Not Your Concern

6. David Archuleta
first song: does his idol audition where he sang mayer's Waiting on the World to Change count? if not, then Crush.
fell in love with: Touch My Hand. ngl Crush was so epic, but when i listened to the clip of Touch My Hand, i was a GONER. of course, hearing the full version? made me stan this guy so hard, and to this day i still do.
current fave: My Hands... would've been an epic single, just saying. and then David could've been known as the guy-who-sings-about-hands. jazz hands!

7. Nina Simone
first song: Feeling Good, of course. hundreds of versions can be sung, but no one will sing it better than her. gtfo Michael Buble, coughcough.
fell in love with: Ain't Got No (I Got Life). even as a stupid teenager i jammed to this epic thing of a song.
current fave: Sinnerman, but like Jack's Mannequin i haven't listened to her in a while. really need to start changing that.

8. The Perishers
first song: Sway, again because of a youtube fanvid. can't remember the couple though.
fell in love with: My Heart. when people say "oh this song is so pretty!" and you listen to that song, and you kinda understand what they mean? that's this song. that's a lot of their songs actually.
current fave: Trouble Sleeping. aw, i need to listen to these guys again too!

9. Carrie Underwood
first song: Jesus Take The Wheel, haha. i remember during season 5 of idol i was listening to this blonde chick sing this song, and i was like, "huh. this is cool." little did i know that several years later she'd be my constant idol girlcrush.
fell in love with: The Night Before (Life Goes On), pretty underrated as far as Carrie's songs go imo.
current fave: Someday When I Stop Loving You. lol the irony of singing a heartbreak song while you're getting hitched to a canadian hockey player. kay carrie, whatever you sing.

10. The Fray
first song: Over My Head (Cable Car)
fell in love with: Vienna... lovely, lovely, lovely song. at one point was my favorite song ever. don't get me wrong i still love it hard, but i listen to it now and it doesn't have that same impact.
current fave: City Hall, interesting because i was jamming to this today. oh it's my funeral today, my funeral today.

11. Natasha Bedingfield
first song: These Words
fell in love with: Put Your Arms Around Me or Love Like This... can't remember which one i fell for first, haha.
Current Fave: I Bruise Easily, probably. which reminds me that i still haven't listened to the leaks from her fourth album! =(

12. Spoon
first song: Eddie's Ragga, mm jam from the beginning.
Fell in Love with: Don't You Evah. i think this is the only song that can have "Evah" in the title and i will love it for it. so sassy.
Current Fave: Don't Make Me a Target

13. Incubus
first song: Drive, from yep you guessed it, Surf's Up! don't get me wrong i know i heard that song from way earlier, just can't remember when. and when i heard it on Surf's Up! it was my first time to like, acknowledge incubus lmao.
fell in love with: Love Hurts
current fave: Rogues

14. Taylor Swift
first song: Teardrops on My Guitar. haha argh, i still hate the sap. i can't listen to the song anymore without subtly cringing.
fell in love with: Cold as You
current fave: Untouchable, arguably her best cover.

15. Blip Blip Bleep
first song: Wireless
fell in love with: Wireless, unf so incredible. genius song, even smarter jam.
current fave: Da Me Cinco. makes me wish i was cool enough to party so i could DJ and plug this in and just daaance.

well there you go, i actually feel kinda accomplished now. yeah i'm sad. =D


  • liverach

    I like your memes :) all two of them HOMG, CRUSHHHHHHH O.O dude its literally been so long since i've heard that song, i forgot the tune >.<

    16. Jul. 2010, 9:41
  • spinspiral

    CHANA. omgoodness, we haven't had a moment in forever! why thank you. haha i get kinda self-conscious when i post these things lol, so it's good to know someone out there likes them. XD TSK TSK THIS IS UNFORGIVEABLE. i order you to go listen to it again on youtube or something! :( after all, it ain't going away-ay-ayayay-ay. (lol that never gets old)

    23. Jul. 2010, 12:21
  • liverach

    yayyyy our back, albeit within a month's distance hahhaha is being recovered :D HAHAHA no worries, I listed to it. I think the Archie was too cute for the girl >.< and ngaw why get self-conscious. You have good memes :D and your language isn't overtly unbearable LIKE OTHERS *HINT........ HINT......... Third person lol*

    23. Aug. 2010, 2:08
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