My charts are SO unique that...


1. Jun. 2011, 18:35

Not one band i listen to is in the.. weekly Chicago, IL USA Charts. In Flames doesn't even show up in the United States charts. It's so laughable.


  • nilzzzberghman

    Now that's not very hard. Your charts seem rather bland, tbh, even though there are tons of good bands in them.

    10. Jul. 2011, 10:17
  • spineshank155

    I was just stating the obvious. I do have well known stuff like In Flames, Children Of Bodom, some other bands are metalcore & deathcore. When i was looking at the IL/USA charts, they looked pretty pathetic. Disturbed, Slipknot, Korn, i think even Rob Zombie is in there. I actually was into those bands at first, i've came a long way so to speak. It also proves that the majority of people only pay attention to the top 40 artists rather then exploring music further.

    11. Jul. 2011, 1:50
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