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  • Gogacka

    Hey! check out Evidence the lost new album Download link: Soundcloud stream:

    17. Okt., 1:48 Antworten
  • MahNuns

    Thank you :) and sorry for took so long to answer. I need some new music in my library too but i'm kinda lazy... oh, and sorry for my bad english.

    1. Aug., 18:19 Antworten
  • FallOutGirl007

    Yes, you're right about that. For example, do you know the German band Rammstein? I actually hate their music, but I'd go and see their show on a festival, because I once saw a clipping of one of their live performances, and I was absolutely stunning out their special effects! They used fire over and over again, and a lot of different pyrotechnics, that was pretty cool! :p

    24. Mai., 15:32 Antworten

    Haha. Of course we've taken it to the another dimension. Maybe a whole other world. That's the power of music and their true lovers. Hehe. Ah, no money problems? What does your father do? And u also do a job? My country doesn't support the English music. Only the national songs have importance here. Bad for me. And thanks, i really needed that, though i have a long way to get through this. Do u know anyone in the US blondie? Haha. And i wish that i could make up with u as a musician. It would be so awesome. Do u sing like a bird as well? Haha. I've written some lyrics though to make myself satisfy that i could make it on the top. U might give me some tips of playing the electric one. I only play the acoustic but i'm eager to play the electric. Have pity on me to give me some lessons. Haha. Greetings Blondie or Dear Eliza. Hehe.

    23. Mai., 4:42 Antworten
  • MahNuns

    Thank you. You also have an awsome library :)

    20. Mai., 20:08 Antworten
  • FuckLolito

    vc é mulher?

    20. Mai., 1:26 Antworten
  • FallOutGirl007

    I bet it is. :) Anyway, she was totally thrilled about the tickets. :p That sounds like amazing concerts, although I don't know B.A.P., but with an awesome show every band is great to see. :)

    18. Mai., 9:45 Antworten

    Brain in the rain, left to drain, results in fame, this isn't a game, because it's too lame. Wow. U have good career in management. But is there's a scope of these things in your country? Do u think this will give u enough to satisfy your needs and life? Yeah, Automobile Engg. Is a hard subject, but i'm getting through this. I don't know that what's going to happen in the exams but thanks for raising my morale somehow. I see, u were borned as a blondie? :-D well my main ambition is to be a musician. I'm a vocalist but don't know where to start my career from. I wanted to be in a band, i'm trying to make up to USA so that i could give wings to my desires. Do u play any instrument? And it's great to talk with u dear Eliza. Haha. Greetings.

    16. Mai., 17:09 Antworten

    Hey come on, it still took a brain and idea to make that rhyme. :-D fine arts? What type of job u want to do in the upcoming future of yours? I'm in a college doing Automobile Engineering and it's my 2nd year. 1 more year to go. I have my exams commencing from 20th May, so i'm nervous for that. Do u have that grey hairs from birth? It kinda looks white though.

    16. Mai., 8:42 Antworten
  • Agieslash

    yours is greater than mine :)

    15. Mai., 11:52 Antworten

    It's really great when some band makes music by your name. I hope they make a song for me too, like MYSTERIOUS MANNY, MANNY, MY GRANNY. Haha. Oh yeah, those eyes of yours are deadly. Hehe. Well, don't u want to tan your body? I think it's too white that u could shine in the darkness. Wow. What u do in Australia?

    15. Mai., 10:08 Antworten

    Eliza? I remember a song by them named Dear Eliza. Haha. Have u heard? And well u don't have to tell me that u love VE! U almost look like a vampire. Haha. Oh really? They visited to your side? And drowned? Didn't they ask u for help my friend? Hehe. Didn't u go there to meet them? Well i don't think they're not underrated, they have a loads of fans on Facebook. Greetings.

    14. Mai., 12:16 Antworten

    Hey there! Nice music out here, name's Manny. U like Vampires Everywhere! ? And who doesn't loves AA and BVB? Haha! What about u? And Greetings :)

    13. Mai., 11:01 Antworten
  • FallOutGirl007

    Right you are. Exactly, that's why I really want to go there if there's one not too far away from my hometown. :P But I'm going to see Foreigner live; they do an acoustic tour in Germany and I bought tickets for my mom and me as a birthday present. That'll be much fun I guess. :) What about you, any new gigs planned?

    10. Mai., 9:43 Antworten
  • emobabylovesyou

    hi im good ^~^

    9. Mai., 15:27 Antworten
  • lorenavsf

    Also enjoyed your library, even though I can not listen to these songs ..

    9. Mai., 15:17 Antworten
  • lorenavsf

    Your hair is perfect

    8. Mai., 19:22 Antworten
  • Agieslash

    thanks :) great taste

    8. Mai., 12:28 Antworten
  • MahNuns

    Thanks for accepting :)

    1. Mai., 23:28 Antworten
  • LForeverMJJ

    Thanks kindly to accept. Sorry if we aren't super, but you're beautiful, super hair, so... x)! Health! #PATD

    15. Apr., 2:32 Antworten
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( тнεяε's sυcн α sα∂ ℓσvε,
∂εερ ιη үσυя εүεs, α кιη∂ σғ ραℓε נεωεℓ ----
σρεη αη∂ cℓσsε∂ ωιтнιη үσυя εүεs,
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S'doin, i'm Eliza!
(it's pronounced funny; i'm not going to bother, rotflrotfl)
I'm a moon child. ☽
Add me? I won't amputate :>
Er. Er. Don't know what else to write, asdfghjkl;

I'm 19, I guess. Well, yeah.
I have grey hair. 0..o
As far as music goes, I play the electric guitar -metalcore stuff, to be specific- on my spiffin' purple ESP LTD Eclipse of a guitar called Phantom. n~n
Thas' right, EMG pick-ups and all, wew.
Although I stick to playing the one genre, i'm actually into listening to many different types of music, so 'brutality' levels don't mean nothing to me, hahah.
I'm also an art student, so I like drawing and whatnot. I've always been into writing toooooo.

Anime is coooooool.

I'm generally friendly so hit me up with a shout, thing, or add me on Facebook. :^)

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