My 1972-1981 bracket song picks...finally!


14. Jul. 2008, 15:14

This wasn’t easy for me at all. I tried to just limit it to files that I already have on my compy instead of loading a bunch of additional stuff to confound myself further but the main issue is that I was born in 1978. While I certainly listen to a lot of things within this era, I don’t necessarily think of it existing within this timeframe, since I was barely a part of it. Does that make any sense? Shhhhh, Rebecca, get to the tunes!

1. Steely Dan - Bodhisattva

I’ve been listening to many of these songs my entire life. I’ve made no secret that my musical leanings come from my dad and this list will be very laden with "dad songs" because of it. Dan-comma-Steely (my favorite way to find them in karaoke books!) is one of those bands that I know all the songs but not the titles or the band performing said songs until I went to go see a friend perform in a Steely Dan tribute band (yes!) and I knew every single song. This was one of my favorites as a kid because it’s so easy to do a floppety muppet dance to. What, you don't know how to do the floppety muppet dance?!

2. Weather Report - Black Market

I love Joe Zawinul and I am still saddened by his passing as he was still touring and creating amazing music all over the world. This is one of Weather Report’s most well-known songs (save Birdland, of course) and that is well deserved, but it's even better in person. It’s a great tune and, as a bonus, I also included a live version with Joe and the WDR Big Band from 2006’s Brown Street.

3. Joni Mitchell - Talk to Me

Joni is here in person this time from my favorite Joni album, Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter. There’s something about the Jaco & Joni combo that works so well for me and I just can’t get enough of their blend of fluid musicality entertwining. It's kind of smooth...

4. Quincy Jones - Takin' It to the Streets

McD, represent! This cover of the well-known Doobies hit takes it to the streets in a way that any band associated with Skunk Baxter never could. I kind of wanted to pick another song from this Q album (Sounds...And Stuff Like That!) but decided to go with this since I know y’all have such a weakness for covers. Anyone heard this one before?

5. Michael Jackson - Burn This Disco Out

I’ve always had a soft spot for this song’s angular, trip-over-the-beat bass line so I decided on this track from the spectacular Off the Wall album.

6. Paul Simon - God Bless the Absentee

I covered my love for this Paul album in my personal iTunes tournament. While I know it’s not his best, it’s one of my most loved albums from my childhood. This song shows Paul in rare band form…and what a band he has here: Tony Levin, Richard Tee, Steve Gadd, to name a few.

7. Peter Gabriel - No Self Control

No one shapes a song quite like Peter Gabriel and this one from his third self-titled (Melt) is one of my favorites. He is a master at perfecting a mood time capsule and this one –- which builds from slightly addled to freaking out –- highlights this talent so well.

8. Kate Bush - Breathing

So dramatic, so Kate…so excellent. Her words are simple yet so effective in creating a snapshot of nuclear fallout's after-effects. I love this album. I love this song.

****edited to add a 9th song****

9. Quincy Jones - Tell Me A Bedtime Story

Yeah, more Q. Can't help myself! This song is mainly a Herbie Hancock solo transcribed by a violin player who then proceeded to overdub himself into oblivion. Fun, fun!
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  • dmaxRadio

    Romeo, Romeo, talk to me... I lurve that album. Good choices.

    14. Jul. 2008, 18:16
  • DudeTheMath

    Is the JZ "bonus" track supposed to be your ninth? We want nine from you! Nine, you hear? Look at it this way: you get to include the one you really hated to cut.

    14. Jul. 2008, 21:35
  • soundtrekkie

    Ohhh....what the crap? Fine, I'll come up with another one. *grumble*

    14. Jul. 2008, 22:49
  • DudeTheMath

    Some great choices there, though. I'm looking forward to putting the Joni up against some other tracks! And if you're really stuck for a ninth, I could make some suggestions... he he he.

    15. Jul. 2008, 0:08
  • rtreynor

    Nice choices. My short list included The Jacksons Blame It on the Boogie -- but I assumed (correctly!) that you'd get Michael represented here.

    16. Jul. 2008, 3:40
  • JoeIsListening

    Oh, man... Pete from the beginning of his Fairlight period, and Kate from her "influenced by Pete at the beginning of his Fairlight period" peroid. Unpleasant choices ahead!

    17. Jul. 2008, 15:09
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