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George StraitCheck Yes Or No 23. Jan. 2010
JourneyI'll Be Alright Without You 9. Nov. 2009
TotoIt's a Feeling 9. Nov. 2009
TotoI Won't Hold You Back 9. Nov. 2009
JourneyGirl Can't Help It 9. Nov. 2009
TotoAfrica 9. Nov. 2009
TotoIt's a Feeling 9. Nov. 2009
Keith UrbanYou'll Think of Me 9. Nov. 2009
Steely DanReelin' In The Years 9. Nov. 2009
Michael W. SmithSecret Ambition 9. Nov. 2009
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Über mich

Hi, my name is Rocky. I am single. I am a former College athlete in football and wrestiling. I was a coach in my younger years and live in Midwest City, Oklahoma. I am a Christian first yet I am not some "head in the sky" legalistic Christian of irrelevancies. I am Spirit filled opposed to leagalistic. I like two stepping at country clubs, I love old romantic music like Saturday Night Fever and Barry Manilow. I have a sensative heart but I have been called kinda of a Bad Boy. I love horses yet don't despise the City life. I love old nostalgic Jazzy resturants with that romantic 50's settings.I live in the city with a country surrounding. I love to go out on the town all the time. I love to spend time at home if I have someone special in my life. I am a music fanantic. I used to be a D.J. on the Radio years ago. I've been told that I do not look my age and that I am attractive. (hummm...subjective, lol)
I saw this sight and decided to join it. I am a great catch but nobody's caugtht me... ; (


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