• Mars Volta Insult Their Fans and Are Egomaniacs

    20. Mär. 2008, 14:33

    Here are some choice quotes from the two main guys from The Mars Volta in an interview they did with Aquarian Magazine. I have strong hatred for this band because:

    1. Their first album was pretty awesome. Creative rock with good vocals. Everything since then is absolute pretentious trash, trying way too hard to alienate people and look down on them for not getting it.
    2. Wasting $40 of my money on the worst live show of all time. Thirty minute intervals of pure feedback or aimless, non-musical noise-making.


    “This one is for all the people out there who don’t want to hear us make the same record over and over again." - to the crowd at their show

    “I think a lot of times people really misunderstand our music."

    “I think we started attracting a lot of dumber people because of songs like ‘The Widow,’ people who wanted their hands held through everything, and wanted to be told what the motivation is.”

    “When people cite our first two albums as our ‘peak,’ I really shudder to think what their record collection must be like, because if they thought those albums were fantastic and great, then they must still have Sublime records, or Smash Mouth and shit like that.”

    Talking about Rick Rubin, who produced their first album: “Rick really over-simplified some of the parts that we thought were unique, and just made them very digestible. He’s got this thing about representing the common man’s ears—I’d rather jab the common man’s ears. If we don’t, we’ll never get to a place where future music exists.”
    ---That's right. Place the blame on someone else. And by blame, I mean credit.

    “It makes you feel like the people you thought got you, never got you in the first place. We’re out there because we’re trying to push it as much as we can, and if that means we piss people off, then good. That’s why I love (Radiohead’s) Kid A, because it’s not fucking O.K. Computer all over again.”
    ---I love this one. Please never refer to Radiohead ever again.

    “Our music demands your attention. It demands at least an hour out of your life, and with complete silence and with complete devotion."


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