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God, family, friends, ASK, group, photography, reading, writing, parades, playgrounds, dancing, disney, pokemon, poetry, musicals, singing, acting, socks, fleece, coloring books, socks, jewelery, marching, traveling, shows, drawing, dressing up, earrings, flowers, coffee shops, nail polish, driving, camping, four-wheeling, cds, movies, lots of blankets, space camp, rain, nintendo 64, new toothbrushes, pore cleansing strips, doodling, ladybugs, texting, zoos, to write love on her arms, free hugs, long naps, notes, pumpkin bread, water bottles, mittens, new pencils, hot chocolate, animated movies, sunglasses, scones, scarves, astrology, roller coasters, recycling, queso, neopets, football games, walking, aim, notebooks, organizing, painting, dressing up, new music, christmas lights, road trips, good books, picture frames, gum, polka dots, surprises, having things to look forward to, springtime, hugs, rain, dinner with friends, easter egg hunts, word searches, apple juice, flat panels, food network, crayons, crossword puzzles, risk.

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