• Atmosphere coming to Finland

    5. Jun. 2008, 21:16

    So, as you might have noticed, I'm going to see Atmosphere on the 24th of August. This will be the first time for Atmosphere in Finland and me and my friend are waiting for the gig very eagerly.

    I found out about the gig when I was reading the local newspaper on one morning and saw a little article about a series of concerts to be organized in the summer, the last name on the list was Atmosphere and since I was a little confused still after waking up my brains didn't register that fully yet. Then at work I suddenly remembered the article and started thinking what if it really is the Atmosphere I knew and not some other act with the same name. When I got home I checked out the gig to find out if Slug and Ant were really coming here and indeed they were. I informed my friend immediately and ordered tickets right after it was possible to get them.

    It looks like Atmosphere is touring Europe with Brother Ali at the time of the Finland gig but it remains to be seen if Ali will be performing in Helsinki also.

    That's all for now, I'll post some more comments after the gig.