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  • Vauvauvau

    грустный пингвин с неформата at your service)

    16. Mär. 2013 Antworten
  • Sinner_Lesyk

    ой. та ж навпаки оперативно як для'у

    20. Dez. 2012 Antworten
  • butteredcat

    Abandon All Ships?! what the heck?

    2. Nov. 2011 Antworten
  • xrystyna

    o! tobi tezh upav do vuxa manicure?

    13. Jul. 2011 Antworten
  • AlekseyKamzov

    да. отрывает тебя от земли и глаза закрывать не надо

    30. Nov. 2010 Antworten
  • be_quiet_peter

    Darn it! That show sold out so fast, none of us saw it coming. Several of my friends missed the show after finding out the tickets were gone a MINUTE after the vendor opened her proverbial doors. Thank you for trying, and maybe next time things will be less hectic. Here's a question: are you going to Swans in two days???

    30. Sep. 2010 Antworten
  • xrystyna

    xo-xo-xo! diakuju!

    19. Sep. 2010 Antworten
  • xrystyna

    pryvit, Jas'! piddyvylasia u tebe Bourbon Princess - teper harno sluxajetsia))

    31. Aug. 2010 Antworten
  • be_quiet_peter

    If so, I'd love to hear what you thought of it.

    17. Jul. 2010 Antworten
  • be_quiet_peter

    Hey, how's it going? Did you end up going to my show? (facebook told me you were coming)

    17. Jul. 2010 Antworten
  • xrystyna

    о, а ше в тебе хмаркі крутєйші. тра й собі змаупувати

    17. Apr. 2010 Antworten
  • xrystyna

    це просто мені треба теж караокє в себе влаштувать))) ах, старий добрий краш... зара побіжу слухати!

    17. Apr. 2010 Antworten
  • xrystyna

    ha-ha. iryna bilyk... nostalgie jakes' morduje? chy mo IB kardynalno pominiala styl'?

    16. Apr. 2010 Antworten
  • ihavesoldout

    Good evening: Well the translation is basically correct. Just some minor mistakes. Best regards.

    7. Apr. 2010 Antworten
  • ihavesoldout

    Good afternoon: Well I did some changes. I did one just now, guess what? Alright, I was just wondering did you do the translation yourself or did you use some kind of online translator? :__D Have a nice day. Best regards.

    6. Apr. 2010 Antworten
  • xrystyna

    c'est bien beaucoup! i'm in a fit of season-changing nostalgy-ostalgy. weeping reminiscences of good ol' dayz & stuff. full of missing and kissing)))

    6. Apr. 2010 Antworten
  • oliheff

    I did indeed, they played with Brass Unbound! Excellent... If yr an Ex fan, check out my band, The Ex singer does vocals on a few tracks...

    8. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • almsaffr

    Thanks for adding me.

    6. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • euclidorphee

    thanks for adding. nice library!.

    6. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • utorn

    полюбому.. захаді час від часу..)

    4. Feb. 2010 Antworten
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