Ten greatest albums released by Projekt


1. Aug. 2006, 18:43

Steve Roach-Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces
Black Tape for a Blue Girl- remnants of a deeper purity
Soul Whirling Somewhere-Eating the Sea
Faith & Disease-beneath the trees
Love Spirals Downwards-Idylls
Alio Die & Jack or Jive-Mei-jyu
vidna Obmana-the trilogy
Jeff Greinke-Cities in fog
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  • ConsumerComrade

    You have some great artists on your list. I'm a big fan of Jeff Greinke in particular.

    17. Aug. 2006, 20:24
  • sokurov

    I'm so sorry that I reply it so late... It's really tough to choose among Cold,The burning circle and then dust and COMPILATION APPEARANCES VOL. 1.They are all brilliant and I'm so carzy about Projekt mid-90 releases. AboutJeff Greinke,I enjoy his early works really much.Cities in fog is the most haunting and darkest ambient album I've ever heard.(Even darker than Lustmord)That's why I pick it. I also recommend two other albums :To Dream, Perchance To Sleep of Frolic and Ishati of Rajna.By the way Frolic is really important to me.

    18. Sep. 2006, 1:22
  • boobookittyfcuk

    I just can't agree with Black Tape For a Blue Girl. I think after seeing them 'live' I just can't keep a straight face when I listen to them. There's a couple of songs I like but all in all, just hilarious - especially Oscar's voice. Totally agree with Idylls though - my first foray into Projekt.

    4. Okt. 2006, 6:49
  • sokurov

    Hey fragmentunmade, Thanks so much for the recommendation.I'll give it a listen!It's a little harder to buy some of the sub-label Projekt: Archive releases in Taiwan.I'll try to mailorder directly from Projekt. :) Hey boobookittyfcuk, Thank you for your comment!I have listened BTFABG's bootleg by accident.I agree what you said....their live performance sounded not so flattering....But still I love their albums really really much especially remnants and chaos.They are always haunting for me..... LSD is absolutely fantastic!All of their albums are well-done and successful execution.And now I miss Suzanne Perry's mellow vocals suddenly.....

    4. Okt. 2006, 15:39
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