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20. Apr. 2009, 13:18

So I'm gonna keep a list of bands I get to see this year... An idea stolen from my pal Chris Iffy. Up until today I'll try and recall my best but I reckon//know I've left a load out.. but will try and be as concise as possible from now on!

17th Jan - Team Brick, , Universal Orders, at Catch
22nd Jan - Ben Nash, , WingHorses, , Chora, ? at Oto
31st Jan - Ashtray Navigations, , at Cafe Oto

4th Feb - wing horses, , Chora, , Serfs, at the George Tavern

7th March - Blurt, , Soho
9th March - Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, , Datashock, , Team Brick, @ The Miller
Nearly got mugged/and or worse on the way home from this one. eep!
28th/29th March - Yes Way fest. Auto Italia, Peckham.

3rd April - The Field, at Cargo
18th April - Bunch of bands at some party in Dalston
30th April - Chora, and Sonic Youth, at the Scala
"hey thurston, you make me feel reALLY short and kim, i like yr necklace"

2nd May - Mic Flower, , James Ferraro, , Jazzfinger, , the hunter gracchas, at Cafe Oto
5th May - Skaters, , P.A.R.A, , Bridget Hayden, , Neon Tempal, at the Grosvenor - Brixton.
8-9th May - ATP festival. Vs the fans one. I think I saw Devo, , Electric Wizard, , Young Marble Giants, and Sleepy Sun, .
18th May - Deerhunter at the Scala
23rd May - Rob's art show and we saw Dylan Nyoukis make some sounds at Karen's 40th birthday party in Brighton
24th May - Team Brick, Dukkes, Sofie Sea (my first solo show where me mixer starting sparking innit :( ) Defribillators, Joey Chainsaw and the Shithedz in Bristol
25th May - Women at the Lexington
29th May - Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides at Cafe Oto
31st May - Kelly Jones/Fiona Marshall, Pascal Nichols, Ducktailsat the Old Blue Last

5th June - Dan Deacon at ULU
9th June - Talibam!, Alan Wilkinson, Alex Ward at Cafe Oto
11th June - Dan Deacon doing some noise thing, Talibam!, Teeth Mountain at Bardens.
16th June - Kinit Her, Saturn Finger, Burial Hex at Cafe Oto
24th June - Manuel Mota and Norberto Lobo at Cafe Oto
25th June - Ellen Mary McGee at Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington

2nd July - Nabil Ahmed at Goldsmith's uni.
5th July - London Improvisers Orchestra at Oto
6th July - marshall allen, Farid Barron, Paul Hession and John Edwards at Oto. Very possibly the best gig I've seen this year, absolutely incredible.
7th July - Defibrillators, Sloppy Seconds, Team Brick, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Cementimental, Ryan Jordan, F.M.G,**K, Horselover Fat, Timothy C Holehouse, Deej Dhariwal and pppleasenotme at the Old Blue Last
8th July - Makoto Nomura at the Japanese Foundation, Russell Square
18th July - Central Javanese trad gamelan orchestra featuring Joe Luna of Devine Coils, at the Kraton, Solo, Indonesia
20th July - The Ramayana ballet, Jogja
23rd July - Time out Jakarta launch party "On the Up", Hightime Rebellion, KUNOKINI, Mantra at Eastern Promise, Jakarta

2nd August - Richard Durant on Kuta Beach, Bali. You kinda HAVE to go house clubbing in this town.
15th August - Colour Ride Fest, think I saw Cam Deas, I played inThe A Band, El-g, Nichols-Rose Duo, oh gee and probably loads of other stuff but y'kno how it is...
26th August - Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, MotHERFUCKING, Kel n Robs as Chora @ The Miller, London Bridge

10th September - Prince in the Tower and Lavina Blackwall & Alex Neilsen at Boogaloo in Archway
12th September - Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, C. Joynes and some other stuff not worth mentioning at Oto
16th September - Au, the good anna at Oto
17th -20th September - so much good stuff at No Fun Fest, Wolf Eyes, Burning Star Core , Religious Knives , Emeralds , Hair Police , Astral Social Club , Sewer Election , Noveller , Dylan Nyoukis , Sons of God , putrefier in Sweden
26th September - Gang of Four at the Forum, London.
27th Septemer - Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou and Gnawa Home Songs - Tamesloht Blues @ The Barbican

2nd October - Trembling Bells at the Vortex, Dalston
3rd October - Pilgrim Father - AMAZING!! and a bunch of other stuff Spin Spin The Dogs at the Stag's Head, Dalston
7th October - The lovely Ellen Mary McGee and the equally lovelyJason Steel at the Chapel Bar, Angel
9th October - Richard Youngs, Heather Leigh Murrey and Astral Social Club at the Vortex
13th October - Evangelista and the fuzzy lights at Oto
19th October - Talk by the wire about Sun Ra and a viewing of The Magic Sun, a film of Sun Ra by Phil Niblock (not strictly a gig but worth remembering!) at Oto
20th October - Sun Ra Arkestra at Oto
22nd October - Phil Minton at Cafe Oto
23rd October - Escapeologists in Kentish Town
30th Oct -1st November - Colour out of Space festival Trevor Wishart, Eli Keszler, Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, Chora, Justice Yeldham, Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer, The Hunter Gracchus, Logos Women ft Moniek Darge and Françoise Vanhecke, Karen Constance / John Wiese, Tomutonttu Brighton

4th November - Beak at Rough Trade East
6th November - Romance, BBBlood, Toshiji Mikawa, putrefier Nihilist Assault Group, John Wiese at the Grosvenor (Harbinger Sound night)
8th November - Jack Rose and The Black Twig Pickers and Peter Knight & Trevor Watts at Cecil Sharp House, Camden.
9th November - Maher Shalal Hash Baz at King's Place (Fancy Guardian Building)
12th November - Are you zine friendly? Featuring Jennie the cardboard robot and our band 'Heart of the Ocean'
15th November - Rhys Chatham, Action Beat and Blue Sabbath Black Fiji at the ICA (aaamazing)
16th November - Chocolate Monk Records ensembles with Chora, Phil MintonBlood Stereo, Sharon Gal, Usurper and Aaron Dilloway at The ICA
27th November - Chora, Temperatures at Cafe Oto

6th December - Cryptic Salve Band and some other hardcore stuff at Kraak Gallery in good old Manchester
8th December - Ariel Pink, well kind of. I stuck around and saw some of the support bands then really couldn't be fucked and left for home to play with my new loop pedal. I did see Design A Wave which was pretty cool. This was down the road from my house at The Rest is Noise in Brixton.
11th December - Ramleh, Voltigeurs, Sudden Infant at the Grosvenor in Stockwell.
12th December - These Feathers Have Plumes - Andie's debut show! I'm proud of her. at the Cross King's.
17th December - Chora at Cafe Oto
19th December - Andy Robbins Band, Andy and Mikarla Jarvis with Doog and Ben Renyolds and Hanna Tulikki at the White Star in Stoke on Trent.

Not a bad year at all!

Best gig: Marshall Allen at Cafe Oto
Most seen band: Chora
Most Fun: Dan Deacon//Pilgrim Father
Tosm Nuf: Ariel Pink
Best Festival: No Fun
Best venue: Cafe Oto
Honourable mention: Rhys Chatham
Biggest let down: Gang of four
So incredibly pleased I got to see: Jack Rose


  • iffypop

    STOLEN! ha. ace. put [ artist ] tags around the bands to get links, and then you'll appear on their page also. <3 lastfm.

    22. Apr. 2009, 10:15
  • meudiademorte

    and then the artist like datashock read this and write a comment

    20. Jun. 2009, 22:14
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