• Give me total right to be my true self!

    7. Dez. 2011, 3:59

    It's very hard to find good friends with the same values as one self, specially if the values are about love and inner peace.

    --I am an idiot, because I'm no consumer, I am a weirdo because I don't like the system, I'm a freak because I don't value money.--

    The problem I have found with people is that if someone believes in something else, it's wrong. But who is to say whats right and wrong? Is it wrong to smoke pot once in a while? Is wrong to live in the woods by yourself? Is it wrong to dislike the government? Who is to say? But what happens is that people with their narrow-minded ways say; "STOP! Thats wrong! You're a pothead, you're a high-risk loner, a weirdo, you're political incorrect!"

    Do you want religion or governments to control your moral values?

    What's up with this world? I want to live my way, with my values and I don't want to consume, I don't want to watch TV, I don't like the government and I dislike money, above all, I dislike the need of money! If you don't give me the freedom to be myself I can't regard you as a friend, but rather as an acquaintance. Because a friend is someone who gives you the total freedom to be your true self.
    - Nick