Top Albums of 2010


10. Jan. 2011, 5:05

Well here is my top brutal death metal albums of 2010.This is my personal list picking the ones that i have heard in 2010 which are to say a very few when compared with an average listener of bdm.I have also included some EP as well.So here it goes.

1. Vulvectomy - Post-Abortion Slut Fuck

2. Fleshgod Apocalypse - Mafia EP

3. Hour of Penance - Paradogma

4. Decrepit Birth - Polarity

5. Gorevent - Worship Paganism

6. Insidious Torture - Lust and Decay EP

7. Short Bus Pile Up - Repulsive Display Of Human Upholstery

8. Gortuary - Awakening Of Pestilent Beings

9. Cerebral Effusion - Impulsive Psychopathic Acts

10. Inherit Disease - Visceral Transcendence

11. Diminished - Rectal Torment

12. Cephalic Impurity - Unique Brute Revival

Late updates :

Gore Sanctum - Realms of Devastation

Syphilic - Behind Bars

Defeated Sanity - Chapters Of Repugnance

Diminished - Chainsaw Cunt

Unfathomable Ruination - Demo

Guttural Decay - Epoch Of Racial Extermination

Cerebral Bore - Maniacal Miscreation

The Dark Prison Massacre - The Secret of Black Silk Stockings

Gory Delivery - Conceived To Prevail

Human Parasite - Proud to Build the Insidious Catastrophe

Pathology - Legacy Of The Ancients

Cenotaph - Putrescent Infectious Rabidity

Parasitic Extirpation - Casketless

Putrefied Beauty - Promo

Envenomation - Pyogenic Harvest EP

Intracranial Butchery - Keepin it Grind

Please excuse if there is any mistake and i am not here for any genre debate.I know i missed some gems out there.But as of now my top list is like this.Please do pass your valuable comments and recommendations.Haters be damned.Peace!


  • barmalin19

    "Guttural Decay" - "Epoch Of Racial Extermination"????????

    10. Jan. 2011, 11:24
  • abomanation666

    nice dude very nice

    10. Jan. 2011, 11:33
  • socco696

    @Barmalin I will have to check it out dude.Anyway thanks for the mention.

    10. Jan. 2011, 16:06
  • aline_e_b

    i only have 3 of these, seems i have a lot to check out... thanks for putting the list together =)

    10. Jan. 2011, 20:10
  • Rowolta

    Nice, a couple of releases that I need to check. Diminished, sounds promising. Thnx.

    10. Jan. 2011, 23:19
  • Carnivorous_Way

    to be honest I've heard none fo it, haha))) that's because I don't scan the web regularily for new bdm (or bdsm =) releases. And when it's come to real heavy stuff, "Evil" Chuck, Morbid Angel (Horns Up for Trey Azagthoth!!) & Vital Remains have always done it for me. Brutal death can be melodic either.. But heaviness is not the sole standard - try Paul DiAnno's solo albums - they are EPIC!!

    11. Jan. 2011, 9:53
  • Gathanoa

    Where is Membro Genitali Befurcator - Human Destruction&??))

    11. Jan. 2011, 9:57
  • jrgore

    good list man

    11. Jan. 2011, 16:02
  • socco696

    @Jrgore Thanks dude

    11. Jan. 2011, 16:14
  • LichMistress666

    I haven't heard much of this. I need to have a more brutal 2011. I do like Decrepit Birth :)

    12. Jan. 2011, 8:40
  • socco696

    @Lichmistress Have a brutal 2011 then (:

    12. Jan. 2011, 16:49
  • mrjimmymathew

    To be honest, never heard of any of these bands except Vulvectomy..

    13. Jan. 2011, 22:52
  • socco696

    @Mrjimmy Then you must.You are missing so much brutality!

    14. Jan. 2011, 4:56
  • FreakOnALeashXX

    sweet list

    14. Jan. 2011, 20:18
  • lamniformes

    Uhh. So much good music. So little time.

    20. Feb. 2011, 10:38
  • socco696

    @lamniformes That has been my main concern from the start!

    20. Feb. 2011, 14:49
  • timothybarnes

    Pretty decent list; some of those albums, I would say, are more technical than brutal, but I think you've got a lot of the essentials up there.

    6. Apr. 2012, 17:20
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