• a thursday in the high desert

    9. Mär. 2012, 5:37

    first time i have written here
    i am so grateful for the friends i have found here
    surprizingly mostly young people
    i am old enuf to be there grandmother!!

    i am a hip elder still listen to music from the 60/70's r and r soul blues
    most elders where i live are still in the 50's old fuddy duddies
    so boring i am still lively interested in everything
    esp science and quantum physics theories world music
    i do play the african drum if i can remember to get it out
    when the music with a beat is playing

    my motto or fav quote
    life is a banquet and most of you suckers are starving!
    from the movie auntie mame from book by patrick dennis

    tis late tired thot too much today brain cells drooping
    love and light to all sentient beings gnite