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20. Nov. 2009, 9:58

Thu 19 Nov – SPC Live presents: Two Door Cinema Club + Blonde Louis

I invited my friend Alex and his friend Tai along to the gig because my two friends who said they could come backed out at the last minute. I made it to Cambridge for 6, met Al, went home to drop bags off and then headed to the Portland Arms to meet up with Tai and grab a few drinks. We chatted for a while and i kept seeing faces of band members, but i just couldnt be sure. Eventually i plucked up the courage to go and ask the group of guys sitting on the table to the right of us if they were in fact TTCC. They were and we had a quick chat and i didnt come off as a mad stalker fan (i hope).

Blonde Louis
Blonde Louis were what i expected, they looked a little younger in person but they had their set worked out and some quick, smooth transitions between songs really kept the pace of the set moving. Song tempo and style made my feet move in time very well and i had a great time watching them. So much so that i bought all of their merch. I was surprised the next morning when i put their EP, 100 Miles, into my PC and found the tagging of the album and artist names to be "Yvno Disque Minimal" and all the track names to be different from those shown on the album cover of the CD and their Myspace. Whether this is an in-joke or just someones mix up i dont know but i re-tagged it all. I also lost the tshirt i bought of theirs on my drunken walk home and when i realized at 1am i jumped on my mothers bike and re-traced my steps through the mild winter night. I found my tshirt hung up on a fence spike near by where i thought id most likely dropped it (having had to sit down and make a phone call in my drunken state). So thank you, random stranger who ever you are, for not stealing my shirt and for placing it neatly on the fence for me.

Amazing. Brilliant. Probably one of my favorite bands at the moment and they blew me away with their live performance. The setlist was as follows:

Come Back Home
Undercover Martyn
Do You Want It All?
Something Good Can Work
This Is The Life
I Can Talk
What You Know
Eat That Up It's Good For You
Cigarettes In The Theatre

I was verging on ecstatic when i heard them come on, it was very sudden as it always seems to be in the Portland Arms, what with it being such a tiny venue. The music kicked straight in and we dashed through from the Pub area to the stage and grabbed a nice empty space near the right speaker. Consequently my right ear is almost burst and im having trouble hearing through it today. I danced like a complete goon and sung along to all the words i could muster and at the end of the show i got their autographs and stole the setlist and ran away with a big grin on my sweaty, drunken face.

Thank you TTCC and BL for a great night and i will try and see you both again before you are NME's NEXT BIG THING. :)


  • hotdog963al

    Make a god damn tumblr dammit!

    20. Nov. 2009, 12:16
  • hotdog963al

    You also stole the poster.

    20. Nov. 2009, 12:22
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