Top 15 survey thing


28. Feb. 2007, 3:54

Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite

#1 The Dresden Dolls
First Song: Coin-Operated Boy
Love: Coin-Operated Boy
Current Fav: Sex Changes

#2 Kris Kristofferson
First Song: I can't even remember. Maybe Why Me or The Silver-Tongued Devil And I
Love: Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)
Current Fav: Final Attraction (but I don't really listen to Kris as much as I used to)

#3 Adam Green
First Song: Excluding Moldy Peaches stuff, Carolina
Love: We're Not Supposed to Be Lovers
Current Fav: Her Father And Her

#4 Annie Mosher
First Song: Officially I don't remember, but let's call it Nobody's Child
Love: Louangelina
Current Fav: Due for a Change

#5 Johnny Cash
First Song: A Boy Named Sue
Love: A Boy Named Sue
Current Fav: Mercy Seat

#6 John Prine
First Song: Dear Abby
Love: Hmmm... maybe Paradise
Current Fav: In Spite of Ourselves

#7 The Moldy Peaches
First Song: Nothing Came Out
Love: Steak for Chicken (shamefully)
Current Fav: Anybody Else But You

#8 Dr. Hook
First Song: Cooky And Lila
Love: Maybe Cooky And Lila or Sylvia's Mother
Current Fav: Marie Lavaux

#9 Melissa Etheridge
First Song: I Want To Come Over
Love: You Can Sleep While I Drive
Current Fav: The Letting Go

#10 Flogging Molly
First Song: Rebels Of The Sacred Heart
Love: What's Left of the Flag and If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Current Fav: Whistles The Wind

#11 Simon & Garfunkel
First Song: Richard Cory
Love: Kathy's Song perhaps... or just the album in general (Sounds of Silence)
Current Fav: Hazy Shade of Winter

#12 Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
First Song: Stand By Your Man
Love: It was pretty much the entire album, Have A Ball
Current Fav: Danny's Song

#13 Mary Chapin Carpenter
First Song: I Feel Lucky
Love: John Doe #24
Current Fav: Where Time Stands Still

#14 Eels
First Song: My Beloved Monster
Love: Spunky
Current Fav: Ugly Love

#15 Indigo Girls
First Song: Closer To Fine
Love: Power Of Two
Current Fav: Romeo And Juliet


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