1001 albums you must hear before you die 2009 a musica da minha vida aaaaai meu deusssss and when it hurts the most i push a little more as maravilhas do alcool atira covarde atmospheric background music for a perfect day best song ever cantar com uma garrafa de vodka na mao close your eyes and dream coisas condescendencia cute damn good cup of coffee desapego drinking in the dark duas doses acima da humanidade fucking amazing good memories good songs for bad moments grace was so amazing great piano hurts when i listen to it i am a party girl here is my soundtrack i can imagine that song in a movie i want this played at my wedding i want to marry this track and make little baby tracks i wish i could make a video for this i would give this two hearts if i could im still alive instantly makes me love life instead of dancing alone i should be dancing with you involuntary movement of body parts letrinhas lindas lets do it liquidificador de sentimentos love at first listen love this song with all my heart magical makes my feet move by themselves maybe someday me segura senao eu choro meet me in my room late night melancholic mixtape for the next person i fall in love with morri motivation song musical orgasm musicas que falam por mim nos momentos em que eu nao sei falar my heart aches when i hear this song my heart is going to explode my life would not be the same without it my musical boyfriends naomily neva-eva-eva-eva-eva-eva-eva nostalgic oooooooh my darling pfvr 2012 pfvr eu pqp essa musica pqp puta que pariu que coisa linda e fofa nhac nhac screaming and singing alone shit i adore skins so ar lagrima so beautiful it makes me speechless so ridiculously freaking awesome sobre a vida someone please sing this to me songs that define my life songs that i will still be listening to in a billion years songs that remember me my history songs to which i am sexually attracted soundtrack of my life story of my life stuck on repeat stuff i should be able to inject directly into my blood suicide solution the songs that make me sick with butterflies to the one i still dont know who want to see live what god has on his ipod whisper french in my ear why is this song so damn gorgeous you broke my heart and you made me cry