• New BS from

    18. Dez. 2012, 2:50

    I wasn't happy when we had an amount of skips but now another load of shit is piled on our laps from the people who make and senselessly make radio streaming from the client a subscriber-only privilege. Nice way of trying to make a quick buck, If it wasnt for the recommendation system actually working Id go to Pandora or spotify or slacker but all their recommendations for music are piss-poor.
    As you make these features subscriber-only features know that I will still not buy into this.
    I end on a disapointed note as this was such a nice site one short year ago where as now I can't even get people to join this site anymore.
  • amounts of Skips?!

    24. Aug. 2012, 5:12

    it said i have 2 skip left while I was listening today, whats the deal I joined last fm to get away from amounts of skips, now what will i do when last fm is on some crappy song?