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Well, hello random person visiting my page :D My name is Ashley. I'm from New York. I'm a shy and quiet kind of person, but once you get to know me, i'll talk like we've known each other for a while. You could say I'm a bit emo =P I love to play guitar and have a huge passion for music. I honestly can't go a day without listening to music. It helps me get my mind off problems I have to deal with and helps me relax on those boring days. I'm also looking to start a band a band when I get the chance... I like almost any genre of music except for country and rap mostly. Not hating on them, they just aren't what i'm into.

If you're one of those "I can't go a day without posting on Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook/etc. My followers will hate me if I don't post something. I don't know what I'd do without my followers/page." Then don't really bother talking to me. They get on my nerves so much it's not even funny.

Last.FM Milestones15000th track: (05 Jun 2011)
All Time Low - Just the Way I'm Not
20000th track: (24 Feb 2012)
Three Days Grace - Let It Die
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Last.FM Milestones8515th track: (01 Apr 2011)
All Time Low - Coffee Shop Soundtrack
9515th track: (25 May 2011)
Yellowcard - Hang You Up
10515th track: (13 Jun 2011)
Yellowcard - Martin Sheen Or JFK
11515th track: (17 Aug 2011)
The Maine - Girls Do What They Want
12515th track: (26 Oct 2011)
Attack Attack! - Turbo Swag
13515th track: (18 Nov 2011)
New Found Glory - Kiss Me
14515th track: (27 Jan 2012)
A Midsky Surrender - Kiss Me Thru The Phone (cover)
16515th track: (23 Apr 2012)
System of a Down - U-Fig
17515th track: (11 Jul 2012)
Rise Against - The Good Left Undone
18515th track: (21 Aug 2012)
Andys iLL - Black Is Not A Colour - The Sheriff (Andy's iLL Remix)
19515th track: (03 Oct 2012)
Three Days Grace - No More
20515th track: (05 Nov 2012)
Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony
21515th track: (04 Jan 2013)
I See Stars - Electric Forest (feat. Cassadee Pope)
22515th track: (25 Feb 2013)
All Time Low - Thanks to You
23515th track: (04 Apr 2013)
Papa Roach - Still Swingin'
24515th track: (23 Apr 2013)
Dead by April - Losing You
25151st track: (14 May 2013)
A Day to Remember - I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

26515th track: (20 Jun 2013)
Black Veil Brides - Lost It All

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