What a Great Show! – A Playlist


10. Jan. 2010, 0:56

The first show of the New Year for Eve Radio’s Disasterpiece Theater was absolutely amazing! What really set it apart from an average show? The listeners. They’re always great but this show it went way beyond the usual energy, enthusiasm, and interaction. The requests were coming in fast and furious and each one was better than the last. Hell, I wanted to keep spinning ‘cause the music was so good.

The first two hours of the show was eclectic rock and then I played the pirate tribute and busted into the Punchy Set. Of course that’s fairly standard. Why I’m taking the time to post this is that I think the playlist is so good you should all have it! And here it is:

Gross Out - The Vines
The Tide Is High - The Chubbies
Janie Jones (demo) - The Clash
Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me - The Pipettes
Viva Las Vegas - ZZ Top
Here Comes The Sun - Voodoo Glow Skulls
Time Bomb - Rancid
Hair of the Dog - Bauhaus
The Longest Time - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Monster Mash - Misfits
Volvo Driving Soccer Mom - Everclear
Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - They Might Be Giants
Patience - Guns N' Roses
Island in the Sun - Weezer
Turning Japanese - The Skankin' Pickle
Werewolves of London - Adam Sandler
She Has A Girlfriend Now - Reel Big Fish
Jerry was a Racecar Driver - Primus
Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys
Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones
Story of My Life - Social Distortion
Dune Buggy - The Presidents Of The United States Of America
Common People - Pulp
Girls & Boys - Blur
Whip It - Devo
Cowboy - Kid Rock
Local Boy - Rifles
White Wedding - Billy Idol
Rudy - Blood or Whiskey
Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly
Jackass - The Bloodhound Gang
Breakin' The Law - Divit
Seven Deadly Sins - Flogging Molly
The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - Relient K
The Last Saskatchewan Pirate - Captain Tractor
Creep - Richard Cheese
Anarchy In The U.K - Green Jelly
Speed Racer - Devo
Star Wars - moosebutter
Chewbacca - Supernova
You're Pretty When I'm Drunk - The Bloodhound Gang
The White House Burned (The War of 1812) - Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie
Startin' Up A Posse - Anthrax
Another Irish Drinking Song - Da Vinci's Notebook
Carrot Juice Is Murder - The Arrogant Worms
Yakko's World - Animaniacs
Do Virgins Taste Better Medley - Brobdingnagian Bards
Down With the Sickness - Richard Cheese
Ode to My Car - Adam Sandler
Oops! ... I Did It Again - Children Of Bodom
Panic - The Business

Eve Radio presents Disasterpiece Theater every Monday night at 10pm EST.


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