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bôaA Girl Lieblingslied vor 6 Stunden
Aretha Franklin & Smokey RobinsonOoh Baby Baby (Live on Soul Train) Lieblingslied vor 6 Stunden
The O.C. SupertonesGrounded vor 8 Stunden
PillarFireproof vor 8 Stunden
BlindsidePitiful Lieblingslied vor 8 Stunden
Ghoti HookLullaby Gestern um 23:40
Galt MacdermotRipped Open By Metal Explosions Lieblingslied Gestern um 20:55
People's ChoiceParty Is A Groovy Thing Lieblingslied Gestern um 20:46
TV on the RadioHappy Idiot Lieblingslied Gestern um 20:45
The Brothers JohnsonStrawberry Letter 23 Lieblingslied Gestern um 20:26
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  • IanAR

    Likewise! Kindred spirits, it seems. *SLAMS-DOWN: I'll make life easy for you all my 2014 picks are on rel-yr:2014 tag radio (almost 400 tracks). :D Pls, over-tag your loves/likes and tell me of any hates / intriguings (would be know the boundaries of your freaked-out and not-sure-but-tell-me-more zones, respectively). :D

    9. Okt., 6:48 Antworten
  • IanAR

    Thanks for the add. ... *more 'Outer Limits' theme* ... I mention "Rex Kramer", "Inside Me" and triangulation (the shout below, folks), then my next discovery's slap-bang in the middle: "Deceive (Trentemøller's Lost & Found Remix)" %) :D

    9. Okt., 3:29 Antworten
  • IanAR

    Common inc', besides the obv's: The Pack A.D., Yelle, The Dø - Impressive! You pushed-my-bottons w/ "Where No Eagles Fly", @This Is My Jam - (MPDZ)! - but, it seems, I've missed the boat vis commenting / <3'ing / following any of your t'ing over there (Cant't get followed unless one's a current 'jam'?! - Annoying, smart and hardcore!) You mentioned Gomez in the same context, and I wondered - What triangulates w/ Gomez to place "Where No Eagles Fly" in the middle? Firstly, I have their 1st two CDs, and measure all Gomez by "Rex Kramer, also an MPDZ-track, for me. "Inside Me" (John Peel made me buy the 7") seemed to close to "... No Eagles ..." & I plumpped for "Shit From an Old Notebook", like?

    9. Okt., 2:35 Antworten
  • latin_cracker

    Whatcha doing these days?

    6. Aug., 2:38 Antworten
  • MinionTech

    I agree completely with your comment about tossing too much into our libraries. Listening to something doesn't imply liking it at all. :/ ...Hell, how am I supposed to know I hate something without listening to it?!? >:@

    26. Feb., 22:30 Antworten
  • MinionTech

    Hey! Thanks for posting my Barry Manilow shame to my Shoutbox. Now I'll never have to worry about keeping that a secret again! :P + :D ...BTW despite our SUPER musical compatibility there's a hell of a lot in your library I don't know. Should be fun to dig through. XD

    8. Feb., 3:41 Antworten
  • WhatIzzet

    (Apparently our music compatibility is VERY HIGH now ;))

    27. Jan., 3:12 Antworten
  • WhatIzzet

    You listen to My Personal Murderer too? Aren't they a really awesome band?

    27. Jan., 3:11 Antworten
  • WhatIzzet won't tell me our musical comparability. You listen to so many different things, lol

    6. Jan., 5:45 Antworten
  • ochoanna

    Hello, nice to have you around Enjoy

    16. Nov. 2013 Antworten
  • lisasedge

    Nice to see ya! I absolutely convinced myself that I was the only person on the planet listening to STIR!!!! They are so I guess it's just me and

    4. Nov. 2013 Antworten
  • tombalder

    Nice Greetings from Germany! +1 Flag ;)

    1. Okt. 2013 Antworten
  • metalhead61484

    yo whats going on dude

    15. Aug. 2013 Antworten
  • metalhead61484

    whats up dude?

    1. Jul. 2013 Antworten
  • metalhead61484

    Thank you :)

    14. Jun. 2013 Antworten
  • Cure_Eclipse

    I love tracking what I'm into on this site. These charts are so random.

    10. Jun. 2013 Antworten
  • latin_cracker

    Hey! YES CLUTCH IS AWESOME! They are the only band I can listen to their album front to back without wanting to skip a song.

    17. Jan. 2013 Antworten
  • metalhead61484

    what's going on dude?

    14. Jan. 2013 Antworten
  • haikukangaroo

    Vampire Weekend kick? Been a while since I've seen you stuck on a band that I've heard of!

    11. Jan. 2013 Antworten
  • DragonSpleen

    Hey there! Yeah, feel free to throw anything my way you think I might like, or anything you might even think I won't; my tastes are wide open. I'll likewise be on the lookout. I'm still making up for a childhood and early adulthood of barely listening to much music at all.

    9. Jan. 2013 Antworten
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I love music and listen to a LOT of different varieties. If you don't like something you see, be patient 'cause you're bound to find plenty of others you do like...and vice versa. Also, I'm always looking for new good music to get into, so feel free to make recommendations, no matter what the genre.