The show was hell...


2. Jun. 2008, 8:49

Fri 30 May – Ladytron, Datarock, Modwheelmood

To vent my frustration over tonight's show immediately following is quite necessary so as to simply forget as soon as Ryanly possible what a poor poor performance I witnessed tonight from one of my favouritest bands in the world. If I wanted to be drowned in a wave of sound with menacing drums pounding loudly over mumbled oohs and incomprehensible lyrics, I would have gone to see Sonic Youth, or whomever is playing at the local shoegaze club. Every new song from the wonderful new CD "Velocifero" sounded rather shite, especially "Runaway" (my favourite) and "Ghosts" Maybe they were trying to mimic the success of the guitars from "Witching Hour"? It didn't work. The new songs are (like most Ladytron songs) heavily synthed pop songs, not rock songs. Tonight's show was heavily guitar and drum driven, for every song! HORRIBLE! Mira's vocals were undetectable the entire night. Even during her strongest track "Fighting in Built Up Areas" she seemed blah. Helen's frustration with Sound Man was highly evident by the end of the show. He should be fired. So should Ladytron's extra guitarist. At least all my crew seemed quite happy with the show, so I couldn't start complaining to them. Here ya have it! Ladytron had a terrific setlist, they just didn't employ the correct sound to truly make this an A) Ladytron show, B) electropop dance party, or C) a good show. I didn't enjoy any song tonight. Sad indeed.


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