All Is Falling


25. Okt. 2010, 20:08

Although many fans are very HAPPY about James Blackshaw's new album All is Falling the album itself is very SAD. Part 1 is full of well orchestrated frustration and anxiety. I would call it PUZZLEMENT. Part 2 brings us back to the dreams of past and creats sweet sadness. It starts introducing a nice STORY which we will hear later. Part 3 and Part 4 ask questions why? and how? There are fights between fear and hope. It looks like a butterfly beating against the window glass in order to find a way out. It is all about HOPE. Part 5 and Part 6 (how much time we have?) are DANCING into Part 7 which I would call DESIRE. It is something really nice: a flower, a girl ... a dog. This we actually wanted to listen. And then All Is Fallen ...


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