Top Ten


17. Jul. 2007, 14:49

A new top ten, with a lot of new artists. Enjoy.

1. Cat Power (New!)
This woman, oh oh. So happy i found her, her music is great. I often listen to Wonderwall over and over again. No doubt about putting her as number one this week!
2. Albert Hammond, Jr. (New!)
Well maybe it wasn't a suprise that this guy and his music was gonna be great. As a member of The Strokes he already had the fame. I love him! I love The Strokes! 101, Scared & Call An Ambulance are songs that i just CAN'T stop listen to!
3. Jamie T (+3)
I recently found this man, but he's just my taste. Fun and nice. He's got a great ability to write songs. I just love him. Ike&Tina & So Lonely Was the Ballad are great.
4. The Strokes (-2)
I love these guys. They're hot, charming and makes GREAT music. Listening to them makes me so happy, and they really deserves to be number one. I really like them and their music. A concert with them would be absolutly great and; Drewl!
5. The Cure (New!)
I can't explain in words how much i adore their music. It's great, though i tend to use that word alot, but i really do mean it. Great as in great!
6. Katie Melua (New!)
She's got a great voice and nice songs. Lovecats makes me so happy.
7. Bloc Party(New!)
I love them, love them & love them. This Modern Love is my favourite, but all their songs are great.
8. Justin Timberlake (-3)
Can't seem to let go of Losing My Way. As i've said before, this man knows what he's doing.
9. Ben Kweller(-2)
The man who owns my heart. I love him, i love him, i love him! He's brilliant in every way. Great songs, great voice, great lyrics. I'm gonna buy every one of his records. And that's a promise!
10. The Smashing Pumpkins (-1)
I love these guys. I love their live cover on Dancing in the Moonlight. They're brilliant.


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