Music survey thing...


10. Apr. 2007, 13:43

Write the top 15 artists from your page. Then write the first song you heard, what song made you love them, and current favourite song.

1. My Chemical Romance
First: Helena
Love: Helena
Favourite: Famous Last Words

2. I Am Ghost
First: Of Masques and Martyrs
Love: Killer Likes Candy
Favourite: Killer Likes Candy

3. Taking Back Sunday
First: Cute Without the "E" (Cut From the Team)
Love: My Blue Heaven
Favourite: Error: Operator

4. Panic! at the Disco
First: I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Love: I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Favourite: There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet

5. Sevendust
First: Denial
Love: Denial
Favourite: Ugly

6. Saosin
First: Bury Your Head
Love: Bury Your Head
Favourite: Bury Your Head

7. Incubus
First: Stellar
Love: Pardon Me
Favourite: New Skin

8. Oasis
First: Roll With It
Love: Don't Look Back in Anger
Favourite: Slide Away

9. AFI
First: Girl's Not Grey
Love: Miss Murder
Favourite: Miss Murder

10. Fall Out Boy
First: Sugar, We're Goin Down
Love: Dance, Dance
Favourite: Thnks fr th Mmrs

11. Senses Fail
First: Slow Dance
Love: Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday
Favourite: Choke On This

12. Billy Talent
First: Try Honestly
Love: River Below
Favourite: Pins And Needles

13. Rise Against
First: Chamber the Cartridge
Love: Chamber the Cartridge
Favourite: Injection

14. Metallica
First: Enter Sandman
Love: The Unforgiven
Favourite: Until It Sleeps

15. Lostprophets
First: The Fake Sound Of Progress
Love: Last Train Home
Favourite: Can't Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won't Save You This Time)


  • TacoHead


    14. Apr. 2007, 21:10
  • silkysmooth66

    I have to admit... I agree, but it was something to do when I was bored

    15. Apr. 2007, 23:06
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